Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sheffield Island Lighthouse Norwalk, Ct

Sheffield Island Lighthouse ......an enchanting Thursday evening delight.

Jump on board from Norwalk Harbor, next to the Maritime Aquarium for a 30 minute ride through the Harbor....

...past little islands and pretty cloud formations,

until we reach our destination ~ the beautiful Sheffield Island Lighthouse.

 Our chief is busy making our gourmet meal ~ everything is cooked on the grill including dessert.

After a few plate fulls of steamers and mussels, we take a tour of the lighthouse while we wait for our main course.
Handmade quilts cover the beds....

 as sailboats drift by the 142 year old view.

 Dinner is ready ~ your choice of lobster, steak, BBQ chicken, grilled salmon, grilled veggies,salad, corn on the cob.

 After a wonderful meal and dessert of strawberry shortcake ,

we take one last walk around the island before our boat departs.

Happy 50th Birthday Frank!

You still have a surprise party coming up in September but since you don't read my blog ~ you will truly be surprised!

Go to the links I posted above for more information on this wonderful dinner cruise.

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