Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Current Crazy Quilted Projects and Hydrangea's From Our Garden

Hi Kiddos!

No fall post here ~ I'm hanging on to every last bit of summer!
I thought I'd share what's been running through my needle lately.

This is a guest book cover I made for Mom's beach house.

I knew she would not like a lot of embellishment so I made it as simple as possible.

The use of Krenick Metallic threads added just enough sparkle for Mom.

My daughter asked me to make this remembrance for her friend who's Mom had just passed away.
I placed her photo on a vintage hanky ~ keeping it simple and respectful.
I can't control my tears throughout these kind of projects, always feeling the pain of the recipient and the love of the one who passed for the person who is left behind.

These projects are by far the most rewarding of all ~ far more than winning ribbons or any other accolade. I feel the hand of God moving through me when I am doing these and am in awe and honored He would allow me to do it for Him.

The 1st place winners from the Eastern States Fair (The Big E) have come home to Mama!
The pillow won 1st place in Original Needlework and Best of it's Division.

The Sunflower Bag won first place as well.
This bag was featured in Pat's "Crazy Quilt Gatherings "Fall Issue.

 I'm not quite sure what this will be but I always have a crazy quilted block I'm fussing over and this is the current one. It takes me forever to make this blocks because I over think every stitch.

Her curls are made from countless french knots ~ my favorite stitch to do!

These tiny "people" were on display at The Big E.
It is from the book "Felt Wee Folk" and I have had a fascination with them since the book came out many years ago.

I started my own little girl ~ she doesn't have her face or her shirt sewn on but I have promised her she will be beautiful one day soon!
Her skirt is made from of flowers petals I bought at Tinsel Trading several years ago.

 My garden is hanging on to summer too!!!
Our trees are always the last to start to turn for some reason.... much to my delight!

No nasty frost has hurt my impatiens yet and yesterday I even picked a new batch of big fat green beans for dinner!

I picked these hydrangeas this past week-end from my garden. 
My son gave me several hydrangea's this year not knowing each plant was one of my favorite colors!

I'm still in my flip flops but I'll admit I need the heat on when I have my top down on my car.

"Just before the death of flowers,
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season
When nature is all aglow."
- Author Unknown


Pat Winter said...

Love this post. I have missed your blogs but know it is tough to keep everything going. Missed ya SP!

Beus said...

Nagyon szép munkáid vannak, öröm nézegetni!


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