Monday, October 24, 2011


I was sure I'd breeze through know mind over manner.

No drama, I'm healthy and strong......then it happen.

The depression, I mean was this that thin veil of depression I struggle with from time to time or was it something more?

Where did my organizational skills go ~ I had always prided myself in that.

I  had one word for my husband  ~

I felt like I was loosing my mind....and then a few weeks ago when I went to write my weekly history column for The Patch, an on line newspaper, I couldn't do it.

The task of organizing hours of research and turning it into a meaningful piece worthy of my readers.....had left me.

I still had my normal flow and have never had a hot flash in my life but at age 52 I had to wonder if this was the beginning of menopause.

After blood work showed I was at the beginning stages, my gynecologist sent me to a compounding pharmacy who specialized in .Bioidentical-Hormone-Replacement-Therapy.

Please research first if you are planning on taking synthetic hormones or what the doctors are offering as "natural" hormones.

Bio identical Hormones are made especially for your specific needs according to your blood work.
The compound pharmacist, working with your doctor ~ will change the prescription as hormones change.

Day five of taking the hormones.....I woke up feeling centered and calm inside.

The "crazies" had left me!

It has been one month today that I started and although I'm not 100% ~ I know for the first time in a long time that I will be.

I struggled about blogging about this. In a way I wanted to keep it to myself but I have never been one to be able to do that.
If I find a great deal, have some great food, I must tell the world so they can experience it to.
I have found an answer to something all of us girls will go through, maybe it will be your answer too.
How can I not share that?

When I was 12 and started to go through puberty, I went to the library and checked out every book I could find on the subject, then preceded to give "sex ed classes" to all the girls in my 6th
grade Christian School who had a million questions but were afraid to ask them.

Lucky for us, our gym teacher was suffering from a rather long illness and the sub just wanted us to sit quietly in the gym and talk quietly among ourselves.
That we did! I filled them in on periods,boobs, pads, boys, and insecurities.

I 've decided not to go that far this time but I think it's plain silly to be shy about these things, information is a powerful stepping stone to change!

I know there will be that one person out there in blog land who will read this and it will be like reading her own words.
It's for YOU beautiful lady that I write this.

It is also for three other beautiful girls I must do this thing right  ~ my daughters.

Here is the course I've decided to take ........

1.Never start the day without a conversation with my Heavenly Father for direction and wisdom.

2. Bioidentical Hormones only.

3. Healthy, organic diet with a thick juicy milkshake or burger thrown in as needed.

4. Continuing to do heavy lifting (for me that is not at a gym but yard work and working around my house) and yoga.

5. Take the time needed to regain what I may have lost along the way and not feel guilty to do it.

6. Pay extra attention to skin care and keeping my teeth white and healthy. I realized I have been doing a pretty awful job at plucking my eyebrows so I just started getting my eyebrows threaded. For $10.00 every 6 weeks, it's money well spent and makes me feel great.

7. There will be NO toughing it out here! I have spent my whole life sucking it up and it is one of my regrets. It is not okay not to care for yourself, it is not okay to allow yourself to be mistreated.

Sometimes strength means admitting you don't have any at the moment.

I'm excited, hopeful.....its like a second chance and a new beginning!

Please feel free to email me with questions about anything ~ or if you need someone to listen.

Sometimes that's the best medicine of all!

I plan on writing about this from time to time and offering links and info as I learn along the way.

Let's laugh about it  ~ even if it's between tears from time to time.

My plan is to spend the second half of my life healthy, happy and sexier than ever and most in the purpose God has placed on my life.

Menopause = Men have to pause

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