Monday, February 20, 2012

Hand Dyeing With Lumiere Dye and A Bead Organizing Tip

Finally last night I tried my hand at dyeing lace!
I have kept a box full of "things to dye" since the 1980's when I was tea staining everything for the dolls I used to make and sell.
Frank even bought me a wonderful starter dye kit years ago of Lumiere Dye at a Quilt Show.
Still....I had NO idea what I was doing!

Using my glass of water that I had been drinking, I dipped pieces of lace in the water, then put them on paper towels and painted the dye on with Q tips.
I mixed water and dye right in the dye caps because I couldnt get up to get the proper supplies.

You see, Teddi had just fallen asleep at my feet after barking for 10 million hours straight almost an hour so I was only able to use what was within my reach for fear of waking him up.

After I did several pieces, the paper towels I had used to catch the dye were such a beautiful shade that I wrapped them around the crochet pieces and rick rack and pressed firmly until the dye transfered to them.

Now in my humble opinion, the queen of lace and silk ribbon dying would be my pals

 Pam Kellogg (she no longer selling her hand dyed lace as she devotes her time to her amazing crazy quilted pieces) 
Pat Winter (my favorite silk ribbon hands down) and

Nicki Lee (the best lace flowers, butterflys and beautiful bits). 

I proudly use their beautiful laces and ribbon.

However if you find yourself with a lot of laces waiting for some color,please don't be afraid to try it!
I did nothing "right" yet they still turned out good enough to use in my quilting.

Teddi The Yappy Yorkie

Here are some useful links for the correct way to do it ~ if you arent being held hostage by a yappy Yorkie!

Pam Kellogg's tips on Hand Dyeing

Hand Dyeing by Sandie Willmott

Great links to purchase ~

Patwintergatherings on Etsy ~ hand dyed silk ribbon

RavioleeDreams on Etsy ~ huge variety of hand dyed lace items

 Have you recieved your latest issue of Pat's"Crazy Quilted Gatherings"  yet?

In the Spring 2012 issue, she has included her pattern for her beautiful water bottle holders.
I am in the middle of creating mine now and as is the case with all of her idea's, it is an easy and fun Crazy Quilt adventure!

I thought you might like to see how I have decided to organize my beeds so I can be inspired by the colors and have them next to me on my tiny quilting spot.

I thought it was my own idea until I saw similar idea's all over Pinterest!
I used a heavy duty glue to attach strong round magnets (purchased at Michaels)
to the top of my beed containers.
Let it dry for 24 hours and then attach to any metal surface.
At first I used a tray so that I could carry it from place to place but then found this biscuit tin and liked this idea best of all.

A lot of folks are using this idea for make up ~ what a great idea!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1 -9


syogstrikbodillen said...

Det lyder som et rigtig sp├Žndende projekt. og dit resultat er blevet utrolig flot!

Nicki Lee said...

Great job on your laces! When you have some free time, try cranberries- crush them up in a blender, delute with water and throw in some lace. Let sit for an afternoon and then see how pretty they turn out. Also, you can use beet juice, blueberries, and even blackberries. Play and just have fun at it.

Susan said...

Your laces look wonderful. I haven't tried those dyes, but have used the OzeDyes, from when we could actually get them from Australia, and I love the results. The other day, being lazy, I just took some of my son's grape drink mix (not kool-aid, so wasn't sure it would work) and made some great pinky-lavender pieces from my CQJP for Feb. It worked!

I'll have to look for a good tin for beads. And change the tubes to something fatter and rounder!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Your laces looks fantastic:))
I loved your bead/button storage idea.
Rengin, in Istanbul

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