Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Gift of Lace, Buttons and Rick Rack

Recently a local reporter did an article on my crazy quilting and shortly after, I received a call from a local woman that offered to give me all of her lace, buttons and rick rack.

When I went to her home, I discovered that much of it had belonged to her grandmother and Mom.

She said her Grandmother purchased much of it from a door to door salesman, beautiful Irish lace decades old.

For this perfect stranger to share such precious things with me, buttons her Grandmother and Mom had touched and saved all these years ~ meant so much to me.

I made this pillow for her with some of the buttons and lace and rick rack.

I also made this simple lace heart for my dear friend Lisa to celebrate her birthday.

The bias tape below was pure white, I used avocado skins boiled to dye it, giving it this time worn look.

I am celebrating what I am sure will be an early spring!

The birds in my garden are singing extra loud and splashing in my little pond all the day long.

Get in your gardens if you haven't already and look for signs of spring ~ I know you'll find them!

Avocado Dye

I simply boiled 3 empty avocado shells until the water turned a dark greenish tea color.
I ran the dye through a strainer and put the trim in the water overnight.
The next day I air dried.

The original directions I found said that silk fabric will dye a much darker shade, cotton turning a more time worn look.


Rona Gregory said...

I have only just found your blog, via Pinterest. I love your creations they have inspired me to try something different!


syogstrikbodillen said...

En virkelig skøn gave du har fået, og en helt vidunderlig pude, du har syet til gengæld!
Dejligt at besøge din blog. Du er meget, meget dygtig.

Pam Kellogg said...

OMG! What a thoughtful treasure trove of goodies! And your creations are of course, gorgeous as always! What a sweet lady!

Hugs, Pam

Kathie said...

Terri,all those things were little bits of memories and you brought those memories to life with your beautiful quilting xoxox

Nicki Lee said...

Hi Terri, My haven't you been the busy bee. Your pillow is simply scrumptious! So very pretty and girlie. Looking forward to meeting you this summer.


Susan said...

Since I love avocados, I will have to try that! I can't believe she gave you all those beautiful things. I'm completely envious. =) The pillow you made for her is absolutely gorgeous. I especially liked that rickrack corner you showcased.

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