Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy Quilt Fair and New York City Visit Including Ink 48 Rooftop Bar

Happy Spring Everyone!

Spirits can't help but lift with the incredibly early spring we have been having here in Ct.
I've had to resist spending every waking moment in my garden in order to get ready for several vendor shows this spring.
It's not the best way to sell your art as many of you know unless it's a juried show.

Typically folks are looking for a bargain but all of us that do this kind of art know that for the countless hours that go in to it..... $30.00 to $50.00 for these pouches truly IS a bargain!

It is a good way to get the word out about Crazy Quilting ~ I try to remind myself !

I've been a busy girl making pouches,

stuffing vintage hanky's with lavender.....

hand stitching sweet little pins.....
(picture is sideways)

and Crazy Quilting nightlights.

These are clothes pin aprons similar to the one my Grama once used.
I use mine every time I hang something on the line and think of Grama ~ grabbing hers quickly off the hook by the door after a long day at work and pulling the clothes off the line before the evening dew set in.
(sorry another sideways picture)
I realized at the show I did a few weeks ago ~ those under say 45 don't even know what these are!

Here is Pat's water bottle pattern that I started last month ~ finally completed.

It is such a fun pattern ~ you can find it in the Spring issue of "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" 

Today I used left over Easter egg dye to add bright color to lace for some of my newer projects I have planned.

I started by just using the water and dye pills that dissolve in the water.
This created a muted color.

Then I added a tablespoon of vinegar to the above mixture ~ the items I placed in this mixture came out brighter and more vibrant.

Also today a friend came by to purchase the Bell Pull I made that was featured in the Summer 2011 Issue of  "Crazy Quilt Gatherings"

It makes me so happy to think of it hanging in her home!

This is one of my custom picture pillows made especially for the nurse at my doctors office.

She lost her Mom less than a year ago to breast cancer. This beautiful young mother has undergone the removal of both breast after her Mom's death ~ so that her small children have no chance of losing her to this dreadful disease.

Her positive attitude just blew me away!

Frank and I made a trip to New York City in March for my birthday.
Here we are standing in one of my favorite spots ~ the BIG red stairs at Times Square.

Central Park was just beautiful on this early spring morning ~ this was taken at Strawberry Fields ~
the part of the park dedicated to the life of John Lennon.
The other photo's are just a short walk down from John's memorial.

I was back in the City yesterday to do a quick pass through down 39th street for some silk fabric
then to the "The Revolution" TV studio in Chelsea.
It was a fun show but the best part was walking to the dog park at
Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

 My daughter and I watched as a woman sat and talked to her friend while a little dog lifted his leg and peed right on top of her shoe!
It was so darn funny ~ this poor woman had no idea until the damage was done!!!

Then we went to the most beautiful spot I have ever been to have a glass of red wine ~ Ink 48.
It is a rooftop bar ~ completely outside and no cover charge.
Isn't the reflecting pool gorgeous!

 The wicker chairs are so comfy and they even have little blankets scattered though out.
Needless to say ~ it was hard to tear myself away from this little piece of paradise to catch the train home.

Tomorrow I am painting my sons kitchen cabinets with the new product from Rust-oleum ~
It has great reviews but please say a prayer for me ~ if I mess this up I'm in BIG trouble!!
He has granite counter tops being delivered in 2 weeks ~ I just must do this right!!
(I will take before and after pictures.)
Did I mention I have completely lost my mind offering to redo my son's entire house.
Did I mention I am giving his whole place a redo ~ every room painted and redecorated.

Yup! It's a busy time...vendor shows, house redo's and my beautiful daughter Cheri is getting married this summer!
I still plan on taking plenty of time to smell the roses, make my garden pretty and I even have a special day planned to take a drive up to Watch Hill, RI to meet my on line pal Nicki Lee!
You know her by her cheerful on line personality if you visit her blog

Or if you frequent Pinterest you will see her hearts plastered Everywhere!

Nicki Lee's Hearts
Find a warm place in the sun to stretch out and breathe in ~
you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Sending you love and thinking of you always.....Sweet Dreams ;)


Pat Winter said...

Oh how nice it was to read this post...twice! A perfect bit of cheer this morning. I am jealous of you to be meeting Nicki Lee and I am jealous of Nicki Lee to be meeting you. Phooey!...but happy for you both. I know you two will hit it off immediately. Loved your projects and your trips into NY and so happy for the upcoming wedding. Congrats to your sweet daughter. Ooops, the gravel guy is here...gotta go.

Laurie said...

Wow Terri! I can't say which part of this post I like the best! Your work is so beautiful, and apron memories of my grandmother and mother came to mind. The trip looked awesome!! Going back to take it all in again. Have a great show Terri.

Nicki Lee said...

Hi Terri!

Been waiting to see a new post from you to catch up - looks like you have been one busy lady! Your work is so pretty, I /m sure anyoen walking away with one of your pretties was thrilled. Happy belated Birthday - must have been so nice to get away for some special time together with your honey.

I'm so looking forward to our meeting. When you get a chance drop me a note to discuss our plans....maybe one of these days we can figure a way to meet up with Pat - wouldn't that be a blast!


Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Terri,

What an incredible post with incredible photos! Your work is just beautiful and I'm thrilled that you sold your beautiful bellpull!

Love the post beneath this one too. I must print that one up to save.

Love & hugs, Pam said...

WOW!!!You are a busy lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog.I can't believe we live so close to each other. I have met so many great women that live in CT from blogging. You do such beautiful work. And if that is a picture of your Son's home, it is gorgeous and looks like it will be fun to redo. I just became your newest follower and hope to learn more about you and your creativeness.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Bluebell said...

So Many beautiful things to look at you are truly a very talented lady, what a very sad story about the breast cancer Mom, she deserves something very special

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