Monday, September 3, 2012

Crazy Quilt Gatherings, My Beautiful Garden and Crazy Quilted Pieces I've Created Recently

Hi Friend's!

I thought I'd share two crazy quilted projects I did this spring.

The first is a clutch bag I made for Mom's birthday. She used it at my daughter Cheri's wedding last week-end which tickled me to pieces.
It is one of my all time favorite patterns. With the use of silks and other fine fabrics, it is a truly classy bag. You can find this pattern in the Winter 2011 Issue "Crazy Quilt Gatherings"
 This was a little pouch was made for my niece Hayley.
It is made with silks as well...the plaid fabric on the right was a very expensive pair of dress pants I bought and never wore. That first cut was hard but then I never looked back ~ lol!
 My garden has been acting wacky since spring, has yours?
Spring here in my corner of Conn. was a full two months early. It was fabulous enjoying flowers and warm temps so early but I began to wonder just how this would all play out when my mums started blooming in May instead of August.
The wisteria has had many re blooms since the initial one in May.
I had an azalea bloom for a second time in late July and  foxgloves in various locations in bloom all summer ~ this one pictured below is a photo taken 2 days ago!
I plant tons of impatiens in different shades of pink because they add so much color to my garden from July until October....strangely enough this year they all died back 2 weeks ago except for a few in dense shade.
Sunflowers, probably the easiest of all flowers to grow simply didn't.
Of the hundred of seeds I planted....I had 3 large sunflowers actually survive! We have had plenty of summer showers and I water every sunny day so I can't blame lack of rain.
Here is a picture of the mums taken yesterday, tiny blooms but still going at it since May!
I'd love to hear from you if you have noticed similar issues in your area ~ of all my years of gardening I have never seen such strange happenings before.

Well I say let's kick our feet up and enjoy every last bit of the remaining summer.
I plan on keeping my heart light and my mind wide about you??

Oh and don't forget check out the Autumn 2012 Issue  of "Crazy Quilt Gatherings"
I just got my issue the other day and am really excited to try the pattern included for the Ipad case!
I have wanted to make one for over a year and Pat's pattern looks easy as can be!
The infamous Sharon Boggon from Australia has her work on the front cover. I had the pleasure of meeting her once, believe me she is the kindest and most humble soul.

Oh and just one more thing.....Nicki Lee from Raviolee Dreams is in bed recovering from shoulder surgery this past Fri the 31st. I know she would love your prayers for a speedy recovery or even a cheerful get well message on her blog.
She is the creator of the beautiful lace bits you see on so many crazy quilts.

Get Well Soon Nicki Lee!!!!

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Laurie said...

Love the photo's Sharon! I've had a different experience with my flowers this year also. I've had a rose bush that's been blooming nonstop since April. Most of my plants that have been watered regular because of the lack of rain have died out. Strange summer. Looking forward to Fall!

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