Thursday, February 14, 2013

Antique Crochet Bags and Crazy Quilted Pieces Just Completed

Hello my dear and beautiful blogging friends!!!!

I haven't posted for over a month not for lack of something to say, life has been wonderful and I'm bubbling over with things to tell you!

I started the day after Thanksgiving creating and just going wild in my little sewing studio 24/7!

I downloaded beautiful vintage reproductions of advertising themes and the wonderful offerings of Graphic Fairy and many others and made button cards with vintage buttons, trims and charms.
I have found in my own creative process ~ the sweet little carded packages my creative friends have sent me I often keep in a dish to look at and enjoy.
They give me great inspiration until I am ready to snip off the buttons or bows for a project.
That is what I wanted to create for my blogging and etsy friends.

                                                     Spring Green and Creme Inspiration Box

I was so excited to post about it the next day. As I was getting ready to post, the news about Sandy Hook started coming in on our local station.
I have lots of friends there so became consumed with the story.
Needless to say ~ it just felt inappropriate to post about anything other than the tragedy.
The blog post I ended up writing on Sandy Hook was in the Sandy Hook Patch and others in Connecticut and I wanted to keep it front and center until it felt right to re post.
So here it is two months later from that sad day in December  ~ it feels okay now to share joyful things while still carrying their broken hearts in mine.
Besides the button cards, I have also created Inspiration Boxes containing far more value than the $19.99 I am charging on Etsy.
They each have a color theme and contain a mixture of vintage supplies, hanky's, silkies, new silk ribbon, silk threads, some have tiny pin cushions I made filled with emery to keep your needles nice and sharp.
You will be able to open the box and start a new project!
 I've decided that I need more variety of supplies to create with but I don't want much more than 3 yards of any one thing....that doesn't apply to silk ribbon however ~ we all know you can never have enough of that!

I am listing all my vintage laces in addition to the silk warp and grosgrain ribbon and velvet that came from my Aunt's millinery shop in Chicago well over 60 years ago.

I have been buying crochet trims, soaking them in lavender baths...

then pressing and carding them by the yard. 

I LOVE taking this ~

and turning it into this ~

Many times I tea stain the trims ~ in the photo below you can see an example of the same crochet trim ~ one tea stained and one left white. (center lace)

Hand crocheted by loving hands ~ these are treasure that must be preserved!

I have also started collecting crochet bags from the late 1800's early 1900's.
My budget is under $10.00 a bag but after a good soak, loving care and a little mending...
these bags are the treasures they were always meant to be!

I couldn't understand my sudden obsession with these.
Then I realised my Grama was an amazing crochet artist. Her stitches were tiny and perfect,
She had strict orders to send me all her "mistakes" which I will love and cherish always.

She passed away this past fall ~ then it became clear there is a connection to my determination to "save" vintage crochet pieces!

I also remembered this little bag filled with lavender,
It has been hanging on my guest room door for years. I found it in my basement when I was a little girl and it has stayed with me all these years.
It belonged to my great grandmother who was an expert pattern maker and seamstress.
It's really just in my blood, to care for and then pass on these pieces of art.
It feels in some way as if I am caring for their legacy.

I have lots more trim to list in my shop over the next couple weeks.

Here is more beautiful antique laces I found at a local shop ~

My dear pal Pat sent me the most beautiful fabric book for Christmas ~ I cherish it so!

As is always the case ~ she inspires me so much that I decided to make one for each of my daughter for their 30th birthday.

My beautiful twin babies ~ I can't believe they are 30!
Here are a few of the pages ~

The front of Cheri's book ~ sorry it is sideways!

The layers of pages from Jaci's book ~ I love all those vintage fabrics!

Someone ~ she knows who she is ~ got me hooked on paper dolls so I tried making one from shrinky dink printer paper.
It looked a little silly but was cute for the book tassel.

This is a needle book I made for a very special gal ~ using the same idea as the fabric book but very tiny ~

more sideways pics ~ so sorry!

The needle book closed ~ the tiny crochet ball at the top is filled with emery to sharpen pins and needles.

A repurposed Ballerina jewelry box for Pat ~

And a bookmark with sweet little Angell's picture.

Speaking of book marks ~ here are some I have on my etsy shop ~

                                                                Book Mark Section Etsy Shop

And this little needle cases with layers of chenille and felt inside ~

 I 've also combined some of Grama's vintage pins with lavender hanky sachets ~
                                                       (the first one is sold)

                                                        Pins and Vintage Goodies Etsy Shop

These are butterfly's from Germany that I have had for many years and just listed ~
their wings flutter in the wind!

                                     German Made Victorian Butterflies with Magnetic Wings

 I have so much more to share but have to get to the grocery store!

This will be the 31st year of making Heart Shaped Meatloaf for Valentines Day Dinner!

We were snowed in for four days ~ until Monday so it's quite nice to once again be able to just get in the car and go!

Here are the town trucks coming down our one way road to save us!!!

We had 6 and 7 foot piles in our street from snow drifts and people cleaning snow off their cars.


How about treating yourself to Pat's latest issue of

Folks ~ it Crazy Beautiful!!!

Remember no matter what your situation ~ you have a Father in heaven that calls you His Beloved!
He knows every hair on your head and every desire in your heart ~ YOU are Never alone!


Pat Winter said...

What a delightful shop! I love the cute packaging and it is always so much fun to look through the new stash we treat ourselves to. I love my box and all of its contents and go through it often and smile.
can't wait until April 15 girlfriend!
Hugs and Happy Valentines Day to you!

Laurie said...

Good grief you have me drooling! All the beautiful things you and Pat have done just blows me away. Thank-you for the reminder also of God's love. It really was needed right now! Bless You.

NickiLee said...

Sweet Terri...
My have you been a busy girl - love all the lovelies and especially the beautiful gifts you have sent me recently. Thank you so much for being so caring and giving - you are an angel. I'm so looking forward to our meetng this summer - big hugs await!

Happy Valentine's to a real sweetheart!

emme said...

Love, love your blog and the love and devotion you put into your beautiful creations. The magnificent hand work is especially appreciated in an era where this kind of work is a dying art. I cherish the pieces of yours that I own. When I'm not using them, they're on display for all to see.

Chris Flynn said...

Oh Terri, you are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents. I love all the trims and your unique ways of packaging them.
Sweet Blessings to you

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