Monday, February 26, 2007

my very special gift's from Aunt Bonnie

These are the beautiful treasure's my Aunt Bonnie sent me this week-end! I was rendered speechless! They are mostly item's from her Grandmother's sewing box. Can you imagine how lucky and blessed I feel!?! She said the button's are about 60 year's old. Look at the breathtaking lavender button's on the button card. Can't you just picture them on a lavender themed crazy quilt. The scarf and collar are made of German lace by one of her grandmother's neighbor's in the 50's. It has a beautiful weight to it and a gentle sheen. Did you see the sock darner? I have heard of darning sock's but never dreamed there was an actual tool to do it! The" plastic mend " is an item I have never seen before. It is a heavy plastic type material ~ it look's like stabilizer I use for my embroidery machine. Please look carefully at the leather pin cushion resting on the sock darner. It appear's to be quite old ~ maybe homemade. Has anyone seen one like it before? She even included old photo's of my mom, Grama , Uncle Jack and Grandad and other family member's! Aunt Bon-Bon ~ I felt like you sent me part of your heart when you blessed me with these treasure's! From one who love's her Grama to another ~ the fact that they belonged to her and you shared them with me ~ is priceless. I promise to treasure them alway's !!!! Love Alway's, Terri (click on photo's to get a closer look)

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