Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wonderful Birthday Treasure from Pat

This special birthday surprise SO warmed my heart. It included a handmade card of filled with Wisdom for woman over "40" ,beautiful fabric print's,a card that say's "Dance as though no one (who is qualified to commit you) is watching!!! (How perfect !!!!! ) and some of the lovely hand dyed ribbon. (You can see some of the ribbon hanging on the wall ~ in fact most of that is hand dyed by Pat from her Etsy store ~ )Thank you so much Pat for making my day SO special!!!!! :)

1 comment:

pat winter said...

Terri, I am glad you enjoyed the card of "wisdom". I wish I had thought of making it when I had more time so it would have been nicer. I was trying to beat the mail lady with every staple. Enjoy my friend!

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