Friday, October 19, 2007

A Beautiful Surprise

Isn't this so very beautiful! Frank and I were driving winding country road near Canan, Ct. looking for a winery last week-end and came upon this beautiful sight! It is limestone I believe.The setting sun was hitting it a certain way and it was just breathtaking. There was no indication such beauty lied here just a few yards away ~ nothing but heavy brush and rolling hills. God is SO creative! I hope someday I can capture just a speck of My Fathers creative spark!


Pat Winter said...

It is beautiful. There is a quarry on the way to Chicago which is pretty cool. What a fun trip with hubby!

Pat Winter said...

Hi Terri,I tagged you (sorry). Check my blog for details. :-)

Kim said...

I've visited a Marble quarry in Vermont, it was very moving.
I "tagged" you - info on my blog.

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