Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Grey Gloomy Day Turn's to Sunshine :)

Sat. morning was one of those grey cold and gloomy day's we sometimes have in November here in New England. I decided to start the day driving to Oxford ~ the next town over ~ to attend a Holiday Fair. I had some cash tucked away from my tag sale a few weeks ago and was in a spending mood!I was able to get Frank his favorite soap from Sunflower Farm who had a booth there but sadly nothing else struck my fancy. As I pulled out of the parking lot ~ I noticed a sign saying BARN SALE. I pulled up this long driveway to a beautiful vintage home sitting high on a hill ~ overlooking the center of Oxford. I tried not to trip over myself getting out of the car ~ heh! heh! ~ cash burning a hole in my pocket! The first thing I noticed as I walked in were 2 corner shelves. Just the night before I was hanging some pictures and wishing for a few of these to fill some lonely corners in my home. Did I mention they were marked only $5.00 each! ( the pic of the other one turned out too dark but is a beauty!) I could feel my giddy self starting to overheat as I tried to remain calm! In the background ~ James the owner had piles of albums and was playing one on a real record player!To my left was a variety of colorful glass items from the 50's. The price ~ $1.00 each! I quickly decided I would buy the entire pile ~ ~ ~ until I went upstairs to more heavenly treasures and saw this wonderful R. Atkinson Fox print. James had alot of information about the print but I was too excited to write it down at the time.
You feel as though you can step right into it the scene ~ it took my breath away! I could hear my Mom's voice say "It's better to have one really nice thing." so I knew I would have to buy it and forgo bringing home the entire pile of 50's glass item's. I did manage to bring home the precious little orange flower pot, vase, coaster's etc. At the bottom of the coasters it says "not an ashtray" ~ oh such days of innocence gone by! Notice the beautiful doily! I thought it made a perfect cover for my water. James beautiful wife , Terry came out to the barn for a minute. She is a portrait artist. Later in the day ~ I went to their web site and was blown away by her talent. Driving home ~ I felt so blessed to find such bargains and to have met such an interesting couple. My gloomy day turned to SUNSHINE! P.S. notice the maple tree outside my kitchen window ~ still green as a summer day on November 3rd!

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Pat Winter said...

Oh how I enjoyed your day with you. What fun!!! I can just imagine finding a barn sale when not expecting it. It thrills you to your toes. Then to actually find great stash to top that off! Well, all that I would need to complete the day would be one of those frozen orange drinks,LOL ,only kidding! I am delighted that you shared your blissful day with us.

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