Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Heart Blesses The Other

I wanted to share a wonderful story with you. A few week's ago ~ i planned a 2 day tag sale. The first day was a rainy, windy day but something told me to have it anyway. About an hour into it ~ a man stopped by. He was looking for a bank and wasn't quite sure why he stopped.As I tryed to help him locate the bank ~ he said it had been 2 weeks ago to the day that he had buried his wife.He expressed his sorrow ~ tearful at times. We were lost in conversation when a woman stopped to look at my things for sale. I hadn't noticed that she was a neighbor up the street that I only seen to run into at "God appointed" moments. She was there for about 5 minutes ~ then excused herself for over hearing our conversation and expressed her own sorrow over loosing several loved ones in the last 2 years. She went on to give the most moving testament of God's love and tenderness. Both of us had our hands on my visitors shoulders as he wept. We could all feel the Lords love raining down on us.My visitor probably stayed for close to 2 hours.When he left ~ I was overcome with joy that the Lord had used my neighbor and myself to bring a moments peace to this dear man. A few days later ~ I was having an especially bad day. I went outside to get some fresh air and next to my gate was this amazing Angel with a note "Thanks for listening." I was moved beyond measure. Only God knew how much I have wanted such a beautiful piece as this for my garden. I am in awe at how God uses us to bless each other.Never underestimate the times you feel moved to help others. It is in these moments that we become clear vessals which our Dear Lord is able to move though and do his work in the most unlikely and unexpected ways.

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umintsuru said...

It's so comforting to know that there are people who care even if we are strangers. Thank you for sharing this Terri.

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