Monday, November 19, 2007

What a Wonderful Way to Spend A Sunday Afternoon!

My day is New York was a joy. I didn't get to the city till almost 1:30 so had to rush right over to the theater. I took Madison Ave. to 34th and all the bead and trim shops were closed.I did pass a Payless ~ a store I don't like here in Ct. but the ones in New York are set up more like a boutique! Each shoe is spot lighted on a nice display ~ no funny plastic smell when you walk in.I bought 2 pairs of shoes ~ one black and grey high heal with a cute bow on the side and a sensible brown suede walking shoe (all for $39.00!). I decided to wear the high heal until I got blisters and then switch to the walking shoe! Paula White, Darryl Strawberry and Vicky Winan were SO inspiring. I was seated in the VIP section ~ a sweet example of my dear "Daddy" in heaven giving me a little nudge and "I love You" wink! I felt as though my feet weren't even touching the ground as I exited the Hammerstein Theater and walked down 34th towards Macy's (now in my sensible shoes).It was dark and the holiday windows were in all their glory. As I looked up in front of me ~ the Empire State Building stood proud and strong.There was a feeling of excitement in the air.... and of goodwill. The closed theaters on Broadway have not kept the crowds away.As I headed towards Grand Central to catch my train ~ even the side streets were comfortably filled with people for a Sunday night.I am in awe of the magic I feel in the City ~ especially there alone. I can enjoy every sound,smell and taste ~ without distraction. Please enjoy the pictures ~ some are a bit fuzzy because of the glass, a bit of drizzle falling and my excitement! Included are pic's of The New York Library, Macy's & Lord and Taylor holiday windows and Times Square.I will be headed back for the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall on the 27th and will try to catch more magic to share with you then! (enlarge the 7th picture down on this post and see if your name is on Santas list!)


Pat Winter said...

Oh what a magical night in the city you had! Hey hey!!! My name is on Santa's list!!! I told him I didn't want anything,hmmm.
Thanks for sharing NY at night with those of us who most likely will never see it. I will take pics of downtown Chicago if I go this year. The windows are so wonderful. I never go alone though.I'm glad you had a wonderful evening.

Maggie R said...

Wow, What a magical time in NY..
I have never been so I really enjoyed your pictures..
Thanks Terri

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