Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas in New York City

Come with Frank and I as we enjoy a wonderful day in the city! We were low on funds but didn't let that or the blustery cold winter day keep us from hopping on that train city bound! We dressed for comfort and warmth. He had on his flannel jammies under his jeans and I wore my fave wool sweater ~ somewhat tattered but comfy and my special Leopard coat that was given to my Mom in 1961! We started with lunch and a beer at Connolly's Pub off of 5th Ave. Then we strolled with the crowds down 5th Ave and enjoyed all the breathtaking windows. When we headed into Central Park ~ street dancers were amazing the crowd! Notice the ice skaters and the wonderful city sky scape in the background.The park is filled with sculptures and wondrous things for the eyes to behold! When we left the park and headed towards Times Square ~ we stopped at The Brooklyn Diner. It was AWESOME!!! A real authentic looking diner but they serve you with thick linen napkins and the friendliest service! We sat at the vintage counter and had coffee and shared a piece of mouthwatering cheesecake.We walked by Tinsel Trading it had JUST closed. I stood at the door and gazed longingly at the woman behind the counter ~ hoping she would have mercy on me and let me in for just a second. We did find a bead shop that was open ~ the sign and chair posted could NOT be more appropriate!!!! Then we went to Macy's and gazed at the windows at Lord and Taylor's. That is me at Bryant Park ~ at the end of my very large Whiskey Sour ~ or should I say whiskey with a floater of sour as it turned out! Bryant Park is a magical place during the holiday. They offer free ice skating and have a huge outdoor market and the CLEANEST bathroom I have ever been it! A BIG plus in New York!!! Frank and I sat at the outdoor cafe and had fondue and a drink as we watched the skaters.As we headed to Rockefeller Center to see the beautiful Christmas Tree (which happens to be from Shelton , Ct.) a bicycle buggy came by and offered us a ride for free. We had a 10 block walk and it was freezing so we were thrilled. We ended up emptying our pockets and gave him all we had. He was just the sweetest kid ~ a struggling actor and singer. He sang to us as he peddled us to 5th Ave. The stars you see are on the entire front of Sack's 5th Ave. They light up every few minutes and twinkle while they play Christmas songs. We ended up walking for 8 hours ~ except for our 3 stops. The entire city is filled with the sounds of Christmas. Every corner you turn ~ you hear live music playing on the streets. We hopped back on the train at at 10:00 Pm ~ not a penny in the pocket but a million $ worth of memories in our heart! (the last photo is a close up of the tree on Rockeller Center )

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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh I envy you! I have always wanted to go to NYC during the Christmas season! Maybe in the next few years I will get a chance. Thank you for taking me on your trip with you!
P.S. Love the Leopard Coat!!

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