Sunday, January 6, 2008

Friends For 30 Plus Year's

Tried and True Friends ~ Unconditional Love ~ Trust ~ Forgiveness ~ Second Chances ~ Acceptance ~ Comfort ~ PLUS you have to stay friends with them cause they just KNOW TOO MUCH!!!!! We have all been friends for over 30 years. We can see each other every 10 years and pick up where we left off! This week-end Frank and I spent the Fri. and Sat. night with the whole Jennings Clan and it was glorious! Fri. 18 of us shared a AWESOME Italian meal at Carmine's in New York City (the one on 91st Street) then we went to see the Lion King! Sat. We got together again for a whole array of seafood and fillet Mignon on the grill ~ good wine and most important Lot's of laughs! Cheryl was visiting with her amazing kids from Maui,Hi. She happens to own a landmark cake shop there. So many are missing from the photos including Kevin and his beautiful wife Jill and Betty who started it all! Maybe we can do this again ~ ~ ~ in Maui????? (pictured is Rich,Craig and Frank ,Beth,Cheryl and some of their awesome kids)
P.S. Beth please note that I spelled freinds ~ I mean friends right! Heh!Heh!)

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Beth said...

Hi Terri, The pics are great! What a fabulous weekend we had with you and Frank! Cheryl and kids left for home today. Missing them already. Beth

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