Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day !

" I have made it my honour and my religion to love you desperately. " M.Alcoforado 1668

" I can neither Eat nor Sleep for thinking of You my dearest love, I never touch even pudding." H.Nelson

" You have lifted my very soul up into the light of your soul, and I am not ever likely to mistake it for the
common daylight ." E. Barrett 1846

"I have now taken of the kernal of your life and planted it in mine." M. Fuller 1945

"WHERE? WHEN? HOW MUCH?" Prince de Joinville 1840
"Your place. Tonight. Free." Her Reply

and welcome to the 21st Century........

Ran into my Ex .......Put it in reverse & Hit him again.

Why do I have to get married ~ I didn't do anything wrong!

Explain to ME again Why I need a man???? ( 21st century quotes by Ed Polish & Darren Wotz)

However your day is spent ~ FEEL LOVED !!!

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