Thursday, February 28, 2008

My New Studio

My Sweet daughter Ashley agreed to switich her bedroom with my old studio ~ I gained just a few feet but am a bit more spread out ~ which is nice. I wanted to wait till it was "perfect" but have been so busy sewing ~ we may be into fall before that happens!
So here it is ~ a bit of a mess and still unorganized. My rule was I would not spend one dime other than a gallon of paint. I stuck to it ~ ~ ~ until I paid a visit to Kimberly Niesz web site. Bye bye rules ~ Hello vintage curtains!

I ordered the panels
and like so many of you wonderful ladies that I love in blogland ~ extras came with the panels! I used a runner she sent as a valence and a small bit of fabric was perfect to sew with some chenille for a pillow cover! You MUST pay her a visit at
The clear boxes I got for free at Office Max with a coupon (they retail for about $15.00) are Wonderful!!!! I used them for crazy quilting supplies and projects I am working on.
My serging area is between the silk hand dyed ribbon from Pat Winter (she often has them on her Etsy site My book/magazine rack which has proved to be a God send! It is meant for a retail shop but is perfect for home use!
The ribbon holder was simply made by Frank. Just dowels drilled into a wood base.
The wrapping paper organizer over my cutting table was on clearance at Pottery Barn for $99.00! I had a $100.00 gift certificate from my visit to The View this past spring so it was Free! I have to say ~ it is made so well and hangs with ease ~ not always the case with something so heavy.
I am going to share how I made my sewing machine cover in another post soon. It is an easy ,fun project.

This little room is where all my family knows where they will find me and where I am able to "talk to" some of the dearest folks in all the world ~ YOU!!!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

I'm so jealous! What a great space!

You look so organized, my tiny room is pure chaos. LOL

Your pillow and valance turned out beautiful. It makes a nice cozy little area by the window.

Great job! And thanks for mentioning the website. :)


Pat Winter said...

Terri I love your new studio. A lovely and inviting space to lose yourself in and create...I'll be right over! (I wish)

Barbara Jacksier said...

Your new office is lovely. I wouldn't mind working in there, at all. And the fabrics are to die for!

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