Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet Heaven On Earth

I can't stop taking pictures this time of year. It's the simple things that move me so much. The blue sky and pear tree blossoms as a backdrop behind my garage ~ forsythia bright as sunshine ~ a fern plant unfurling ~ and a sweet as pie daffy. If you only could have heard the bird's singing as I was taking these pictures ~ honestly ~ it was heaven on earth : )
(oh please do supersize the photo of the daffy ~ look at the amazing center of the flower and also the fern ~ it is breathtaking up close!)


corina said...

Beautiful photos, thank you!

Pat Winter said...

I know, this time of year is magical isn't it? The birds must have been taking lessons all Winter because they certainly have quite a song to sing for us don't they? Your trees and garden look very inviting. I have been meaning to ask when your birthday is??????????????????TY

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