Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Adventure in Stonington, Ct.

The whole fam together ~ this doesn't happen to often!
Ashley ~ trust me ~ she was being a wise guy!

Approaching all these BIG black birds standing at attention was a little scary!

He was ready to POUNCE! I backed off!

Frank trying to keep up !

This looks like a dinosaur head to me ~ what do you think?

My handsome boy Franky.

It felt like our heads were gonna hit going under!

Me and Frank : )

It was so exciting to be so close to this bird ~ he was HUGE!

Our Sweet Duo Tony and Cher Bear

My Beauty Jaci Sue ~ hey are those my earrings????

Aren't they adorable !

HEY! I didn't know they made battery's too! And below ~ a self portrait of Frank's mouth ~ tee hee!

Such perfection can't be planned! All 4 of my kids ~ Frank and myself ~ and the love of Cheri's life Tony ~ (7 altogether) decided to have a day together to celebrate Frank's 47th birthday. We drove 90 minutes north to Stonington, Ct. to go kayaking. The starting point is a saltwater channel and ends up on the Narragansett Bay. We traveled through a bird sanctuary and amazing views. We went under bridges including the a train bridge. We had the boats for 4 hours so towards the end ~ we got silly and tryed to match all the points of the kayak's like a star. Then we went under the tiny private piers the homeowners had for their boats. You had to flatten yourself out flat so your head wouldn't hit the pier!
See the island with the black birds on it? I was approaching this far ahead of the others. The birds all started to stretch out their wings as I got closer. It was scary but I haven't felt such excitement rise up inside of me in a long time.
It was so satisfying to try something new! I have been in a real funk and this was JUST what the doctor ordered!
Not since I tryed crazy quilting for the first time have I encountered something I KNEW had to be a part of my life forever!
I see a kayak with my name on it in my future : )
By the way ~ what NEW thing might you try this summer?


Pat Winter said...

Love seeing you smile!!! I imagine you were walking on air that day. What a beautiful family.
I have no idea what new thing I may do this summer. When it happens I will let you know.:-)

Szera said...

Terri is a darling! I found out your side now.my name Tak√°cs.I live on Hungary. Does somebody originate from here? I welcome you with affection: Szera

Jaci Takacs said...

What a fun day and one of my greatest of many memories of us all :o) Love you! Can't wait to be there!!!

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