Sunday, August 17, 2008

Come With Me For A Summer Sunday in Conn.

It's 10 am and I am headed to Fairfield Beach 30 minutes down the road. The funniest thing happen. By the shore ~ a woman was doing advanced yoga poses. She had her eyes closed and was clearly in her own little world. A toddler boy ran over, stood right by her side ~ and began imitating her. It was just the cutest site! The boys Mom ran up to take a picture and yoga lady finally realized she had a new friend!

This huge grasshopper was greeting me by my front gate when I arrived home! Isn't he beautiful!

Frank and I decided to take a ride to The Smithy in New Preston, Ct. Everything they carry is local. We bought peaches, herb cheese made at a farm down the road, vanilla tea cake and some AMAZING cranberry chutney!

Headed toward home ~ we stopped at Maple Bank Farm in Roxbury.
Watermelon,cantaloupe, Buffalo mozzarella cheese and hot peppers all filled our bags as we left.

Look at this gorgeous oxen ~ ~ ~

and precious sheep.

Back home just in time for a dinner of watermelon! And for dessert ~ farm fresh tomatoes and local buffalo mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive oil and spices. And some cranberry chutney and organic vanilla tea cake. Yea ~ we basically walked in the door and pigged out on everything we bought!
I would rather spend a weeks worth of grocery money on this kind of food ~ and wing it on eggs and soup the rest of the week!

By the way ~ Look at the cute apron I made Sat. night using this tutorial ~
It was a BLAST to make! I am going to make some shorter ones and add some machine embroidery .
My Byrdhouse is really a FUN blog to visit!

TEDDI AND JAKE ~ this means YOU!!!!


Lucy said...

The apron looks great! Thanks for sharing with me. I love to see what people make from my tutorial. Your day trip looks like so much fun. My big brother lives near Fairfield. I can see there are some really wonderful things to see when we visit him.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Terri!
Nice to see you again!
Thanks for the little tour of Conn.
Love your apron, that's too cute. :)

And I saw your pond and that beautiful wooden swing in the previous post...LOVE it! You have it landscaped so pretty!

Kimberly :)

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