Saturday, September 6, 2008

I LOVE Cleaning Day!!!!!

"Housework ~ if it is done correctly ~
can kill you." J. Show

But ohhhh how I LOVE it!

Last Friday was an all out rip the joint apart and put it all back together clean and spotless!
With my fave cleaning products in hand ~ I got to work!

Loads of dirty dishes to wash ~ ~ ~

Dirty clothes baskets overflowing ~ ~ ~

Cushion and pillow covers are in the wash and will soon be hanging on the line ~ ~ ~

Along with the sheets and duvet.

And OHHHH the sweet reward ~ a sparkling clean home ~ Ole' blue eyes playing ~ ~ ~ candles lit ~

I reward myself after a good clean by putting fresh flowers from my garden in each room.

Hydrangea's in the living room .......

And bedroom .........

Black eye Susan for the bathroom.......

More hydrangea for the kitchen......

And loveliest of ALL ~ This Gorgeous vision of beauty given to me from my friend Dave.

"A place for everything and everything in it's place."

Taking care of my home and making it feel like a warm and loving place to be is my gift to my family and friends. I do it with all the love and energy that is within me. Modest as my home may be ~ I have tryed to injected it with all that is good. It is filled with books of encouragement and warm blankets and cozy spots to sit and feel loved.
I am so thankful for my home and garden. And no matter what your income ~ it hardly cost a penny to keep a clean and well organized home : )

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