Saturday, September 6, 2008

ME??? A Tattoo?

Where do I begin?
I have never been a fan of tattoos. I think what has always turned me off are the young girls I see on the beach with what appears to be a black blob on their adorable figures. For that reason I always encouraged my own kids not to get one. (3 of my 4 listened ~ soooo far)
Then a few months ago I felt so driven to get the name of my dear Jesus tattooed somewhere on this almost 50 year old body. All of my life ~ folks would ask me "Why are you SO happy?" Usually strangers. I never want to appear preachy but it is my Dear Lord that has given me joy unspeakable and peace in times of such darkness.
Last year I put a quote about the Lord on my checks thinking when I pay ~ they would know the source of my joy ~ but I felt a longing for something more.
I asked the Lord to be specific with me about this tattoo. Then I waited to hear from Him.
About a month ago ~ I was in a completely mindless state on the beach when suddenly the verse from
Isaiah 49:16 went rolling through my mind ~
" See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands ...." (New International Version).I remembered sending the verse to my sister in law when she got her tattoo many years ago.
I jumped up and knew that I KNEW that was it! At first I thought I would have JESUS tattooed on my hand but then choose my right wrist. I could picture it clear as day , I was filled with such excitement it is hard for me to explain.
As I sat there on the beach ~ a seagull landed beside me ~ dropped what appeared to be a piece of green sea glass down and flew away. NO ~ it just couldn't be! There on the bone dry beach was a tiny puddle of water with a piece of green sea glass sitting there.
I was STUNNED! Say what you will but my Lord KNOWS his child! Green is the color of my eyes and one of my fave colors ~ sea glass has been my obsession lately.
TONIGHT ~ I got my tattoo! I can't tell you the joy I feel! I have thin bony wrist and it felt like razors slicing every which way. I thought of what our Lord went through on the cross. This was nothing!
I knew as I drove home that this was the beginning of a new season in my life. Old thing's are quickly slipping behind me ~ all things are becoming new.
Thanks to my sweet kid's who were so supportive of me and my Father in Heaven who has always celebrated me for who I am!
He celebrates YOU too!

This was the font I choose from the computer at the tattoo shop. They make a template and print it.

It was then placed in position and tattooed right over.
Notice I was squeezing the artist hand the whole time!

I somehow managed to take these pictures JUST for my blogging friends!

Filling in the letters with ink. When the bandage comes off tomorrow ~ I will an "After" pic to show you.

" One will say , "I belong to the Lord; another will call himself by the name of Jacob; still another will write the name on his hand,
"The Lord's", and will take the name of Israel." Isaiah 44:5


Jaci Takacs said...

Wow Mom- I can't believe you did it! It looks good- can't wait to see it in person! Love you- Jaci

Laurie said...

I love your story! I have a tattoo myself, on my forearm.I was going to get it on my shoulder, but because my cat had messed up my back with scratches at that time, it couldn't be. Determined not to leave without one, I had it put on my arm. It's in memory of my father, a butterfly, honey bee, and a daisy; all things significant to his life. In a spot like this, it's hard to miss. I'm still a little self conscious about it at times, but I love it. So good for you! I had mine done at 50 also! Maybe a right of passage!?

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