Thursday, October 30, 2008

Martha Stewart Studios in NYC

What an exciting Sat. morning this past week-end ~ taking a craft class at Martha Stewart studios in NYC!
Below is the goodie bag we received as we left ~ but let's start at the beginning!
As I walked down 42 nd Street ~ I couldn't resist this shot in front of the NYC Library ~ even though it was rainy.
Here we are ~ one of my favorite destinations ~ Martha's studio in the Chelsea section of the city.

As we walked in the "holding area" where you wait to get into the actual studio ~ we were greeted with a beautiful buffet of smoked salmon, mini bagels and cream cheese, cherry upside down mini muffins, maple glazed cookie bars, fresh fruit ,fresh squeezed O.J., coffee and tea served in china cups ~ it goes on and on.
Did I mention that this class only cost $35.00!

I wanted to try EVERYTHING!!!
Martha has childhood photos, pics of her dogs etc all over the place.

When we were seated in the studio ~ we were given this pad and pen to take notes.

I have been to many TV studios ~ Martha's is by far the MOST beautiful I have EVER seen!

We learned how to make this clock pumpkin as well as corn stalk flowers, table settings, holiday wreaths.

After the class ~ I walked for almost 5 hours ~ visiting all my favorite fabric, bead and notion shops.
City Quilter is so wonderful as well as the infamous Tinsel Trading.
The folks that work there are so friendly and pleasant to spend time with!

Before I made my way back to Grand Central to catch the train back to Ct ~ I stopped at Juniors at Times Square for a warm comfort meal on this rainy afternoon. I was alone so just as my meal arrived ~ they seated a gentleman right across from me at the next table.
I had a wonderful time listening to his story's about growing up Jewish in the 40's in Brooklyn, NY.
As I got up to leave ~ he said he surely hoped I was going to walk the 20 minute walk back to Grand Central.
He went on to say he had noticed how much I had eaten ~ adding that one would have to be blind not to!
I laughed and didn't tell him I planned on getting a big chocolate cupcake to go for the train ride home!

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