Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Quilted Eyeglass Case

I will face this storm of life ......and defy it.

I made this eyeglass case over the week-end for a friend in town battling breast cancer.
We used to work together and she was known to borrow my reading glasses so I thought it only fitting to give her her own pair since I no longer work there : )
Some of the supplies I used in this piece are from Pat Winter ~ including the cigg print.
I didn't notice until I started stitching that the girl on the print seems to be holding her breasts.
How fitting ~ and one of those "God Moments" where you can see God moving Pat to share this print with me so that I could down the road ~ use it for this project.
I just love the way He shows His tender love through His kid's.


Laurie said...

O.k. Terri, you have given me more great ideas in your blog, I love this one!! God Bless your friend, I will also keep her in my prayers.

Arien said...

How lovely work you made for your friend. I hope she will make this fight, and everything is going to be ok.

Pat Winter said...

Hmmmm. I posted a comment on your beautiful case last week and it isn't here?
I love your case and your mom will just smile for weeks.

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