Monday, November 10, 2008

Morning Light

Warning ~ After reading this post ~ you will never want to eat over my house.

I can tell you where the morning light came in to any of the homes I have ever lived in since I was a child.
I LOVE the morning light!
My ritual each morning when I get up is to sit with my oatmeal, bible and list for the day.
Teddi and Jake sit at my feet and wait for the last of the oatmeal that I always save for them!
If Ted is not closer to me than Jake ~ his naughty side comes out ~ teeth showing and all!
This morning ~ he jumped up on the table for fear of losing out on first dibs.
Before I yelled at him and made him get down (tougue in cheek ) ........ I got these shots of him with the morning light streaming in.

He was making a very weird sound here ~ kinda like a cry and yell at the same time.
Hydrangea's from my garden ~ my first year for blue ones!

I promise I will be washing those placements today!

Let's just pretend he is reading my bible!

Mom gives in. Could YOU resist those beautiful faces?

Jake has the patience of a saint.

The shadow of the morning sun coming in through the lace curtains.

And speaking of my list ~ this one is a week or so old. My husband and I have been widdling it down the last 2 week-ends.
Notice the "notes" he made to the left of my entry.

Money is his way of saying we can't do it now. I crossed off money on one entry because I happen to know we have the wood needed for that project in the garage.
He wrote next to it "time" meaning he doesnt have enough.
I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Laurie said...

This is so my house! I cracked up, this is the morning ritual here, and the dogs wait anxiously for their chance to lick the bowl! Thank God for dishwashers huh!?
Have a great one!

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