Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Special Gift From Pat

When I see "Pat Winter" on the return address label ~ it means stop what I am doing.......
sit in a comfy spot .......
and savor the moment.
Anything that comes from that address is filled with love and is something I will treasure ~ be it her beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons or just a simple note.
BUT ~~~~
Frank saw "FOOD ITEMS" written on the box. To him ~ that meant
RUM CAKES!!!!!!!
Look at his determination as he rips into MY treasure!!!!
He got yelled at big time as soon as I took the picture!

Now I can't say much about this. It is too special and too touching ~ it almost seems TOO special to post.
I cried my eye sockets out when I layed them on the beautiful crazy quilted box.
Any of you familiar with Pat's blog will remember the story behind it.
It now holds my Grama's gold locket, one of my childhood bibles and Mom's charm bracelet. Soon it will also carry my dreams and goals for this coming year.
Go to this link to see how she created this amazing treasure ~

And yes ~ there were Rum Cakes in the box!

1 comment:

Maggie R said...

Oh My Terri,
Your package from Pat is awesome!!!!I can't get over the memory box... It is sooooooo beautiful. Something to herish always....

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