Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Little Red Bull ~ And The Whole Joint Get's Torn Apart!

A little too much Red Bull combined with some spring fever ~ and before I knew it ~

My Dining Room was turned into my Sitting Room.

My Sitting Room became my Dining Room ~

All the magazines got a goin' through ~

Recipes and great ideas torn out ~
Below are the ones I NEVER throw out but file away for my children to deal with at the time of my death ~ he he!
Speaking of death ~ I am morning the loss of Home Companion and Country Home.

This is my empty magazine rack before I restocked it!
This was a door way we no longer needed.
My husband framed it out to hold my magazines.
It is one of the most practical and enjoyable things in our home!
If I were to do it again ~ I would add one more dowel rod across each section as the magazines flop down sometimes.

Since we are taking a stroll around my home ~
here are 2 of my favorite things.
This garbage can was my Mom's when she was a teen in the 50's.
She gave it to me when I helped her clean her attic this fall.
When I was a little girl ~ I pictured myself walking with that dog on a fancy street somewhere far away.
My son gave this to me for Christmas a few years ago.
He pulled the base it out of a dumpster ~ all rusty ~ and cleaned and repainted it.
It is absolutely beautiful in person.
The wheel still works perfectly!
It is fun to just sit there and move the wheel around and around.
The sound is the same one I recall coming out of my Great - Grandmothers sewing room when I was a child :)

It was an Eldredge Sewing Machine. If anyone has any info on it ~ I'd love to hear from you!


Laurie said...

Bring on the Red Bull Teri! Your sitting room is my new envy! I love everything you did, so comfy! I have been looking everywhere for an overstuffed chair for my sewing/craft/get away/my space room but can't find such a creature! Love it all, and I agree with Country Home. I read this last issue and was so bummed I can't buy it anymore. It was one of my favorites, so many beautiful things and ideas. I wonder why they aren't publishing it any longer, a great loss for me and so many others who enjoyed going through its pages.

corina said...

Lovely house! Nice to "visit" you, thank you!

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