Sunday, February 15, 2009

Martha Stewart,New York City Library, Times Square!

WHAT a wonderful adventure in New York City!!!
Every good thing that ever comes my way ~ comes from my precious Lord ~ who I feel is walking with me
and planning every good thing in my life.
The bad things that come along ~ are great opportunities for lessons learned.

My trip was filled with wonderful surprises and one creepy one ~
a really awful hotel room!
Even after a free upgrade to one of their best rooms ~ I was creeped out every time I walked in to that place!
It was located in the Hell's Kitchen section of the city near Broadway.

At one time ~ this area was saturated in Mob crime and prostitution.
Think what you may ~ but I couldn't shake this evil vibe at the hotel ~ even though everyone was very nice.

But oh the good ~ ~ ~
I arrived Monday afternoon , put my bags in the room and headed out for the night.
I was staying on 51st Street and walked all the way to Macy's in the 30's.
Then I went to Juniors to have a light meal before I went to see Phantom of The Opera.
I was in HEAVEN ~ it was as good as I remembered!

I woke up early to get in line for the Martha Show.
This is where you are seated before you enter the studio. I was the third group that got to enter the studio ~ my first God wink ~ they seated me dead center in the front row!!!!!
I was SHOCKED!!!!!

Yummy pink candies on her set.

The guest were all famous , amazing dessert chefs.
Just LOOK how close I was!!!!
I even had the chance to take the mic and thank Martha for being my mentor
from afar for over 20 years.
Second God wink ~ I got to go to the afternoon taping too!!!!!
I was the last person they let in. ( I had to leave and come back after lunch)
Still ~ I got a great seat ~ notice my vantage point below.
Joey (below ~ the warm up guy ~ often times he is on at the beginning of the show)
came up to me during a break and thanked me for the comment I had made to Martha at the morning taping.
I was ready to burst with excitement.
Martha is talking to the audience after the taping.
She has long, skinny legs and is quite beautiful in person.
She doesn't appear to have had work done on her face. She has wrinkles etc but they enhance her beauty.
This is one of the gifts we got to take home ~ Chocolates from Bouchon Bakery.
We also got a cookbook form one of the chefs and cookies from another.
The second show we got a magazine and a beautiful Laura Ashley candle.
And Joey gave me a make up book by Bobby Brown!!!!!
The second show is on tv the 17th of Feb.

After the second taping ~ Jaci had arrived at the city and met me at the studio.
We walked from the studio in the 20's in Chelsea to the New York City Library at Bryant Park on 42ND st.
It is one of the most amazing visions of beauty ~ free for all to visit and enjoy!!!
This is the ceiling!

We had a light meal and headed to the center of the world ~ Times Square ~ to hang out before we went to the Broadway show ~ Mama Mia.
These steps are in the center of Times Square ~ it takes your breath away to sit there and try to take it all in.
That's me in awe!

Here's my beautiful daughter Jaci.

After Mama Mia we headed to a local pub for a raspberry beer before going to our dreaded room.
At the bar was one of the ushers for Mama Mia!
He knew exactly where we had sat ~ to our amazement!
He had been involved in Broadway all his life ~ was in the show Dalmatians years ago ~ and told us all the fun facts about all the actors in the play.
We decided when we got back to our room at 12:30am that we would get up at 5am and try to get in to Good Morning America!
We were in line by 6am.
The security guard seemed to take a liking to us and plopped us smack dab in the front~ middle of the taping!
God wink # ~ well I've lost track!
Jaci got to answer a question live with Robin Roberts and Sam Champion about Valentines Day.
She was SOOO excited to have her 5 minutes of fame!!!
Robin Roberts is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
They are getting the set ready for taping .
After the show ~ we had a quick breakfast at Brooklyn Diner and took a cab to South Street Seaport.
This is me and a Seagull hanging out!
Notice the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
This is looking towards the city.

Then we walked to the Stock Exchange on Wall Street ~ where all the action is lately.
There were protesters and press from all over the world.
There was a heavy feeling in the air.
We sat there for a long time and just soaked it all in.
It is one of my favorite streets in NY as it is tiny and narrow ~ nothing seems to have changed in over 200 or more years.
Well ~ 2 Broadway Shows, 2 tapings of Martha Stewart, being at and on Good Morning America,trying cup cakes at Magnolia Bakery and visiting amazing sites all around the city in 2 days ~ was truley an adventure!
And all done on a budget sooo low ~ you'd be shocked!!!!
And what lesson was learned from the creepy hotel room????
I felt like the Lord took the blinders off a bit and let me feel the evil and sadness that is in our world.
It was a HEAVY EVIL feeling there ~a feeling that I know many folks live with day in and out.
It made me long even more for every person to know He loves you more than you will ever know
and seeks to walk hand in hand with you.
There are not many paths to God ~ only one ~ Jesus Christ.
His light is SO bright and true.
Once youve REALLY known it ~ nothing else will do!!!


Laurie said...

Terri Your trip sounds like Heaven, aside from the hotel! What a chance of a lifetime! I have to admit I was a little worried when I hadn't seen a post yet, I'm so glad you are safe, and you had such a wonderful vacation.

inventivesoul said...

Terri, I live here and feel that feeling you felt, often.
It can be SO overwhelming.

There are dark clouds all over this city. Your spirit can feel the pain and sin.
You can feel the seperation from God's light and the void and evil activity.
They shadow over you when they see you glow with Love and Holiness.
Trying to keep others from being inspired to "wake up" out of the deep sleep that they are in

We need to fight!!!

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