Monday, March 23, 2009

Juice Box Purses

Aren't they cute?
I had promised these to 3 cute little girls this past summer (after a glass or 2 of wine ;) ~
and this week-end I had to deliver!
After staring into space for an hour ~ here's what I did.
For each purse you need ~
- 5 Capri Sun containers - cut across the top and slice bottom of each one.
Wash and dry completely.
- about 16" of trim for the top
- about 20" of roping for handle
- matching thread
- you will be using a blanket stitch for the entire project EXCEPT when you are attaching trim.
1. Sew front to bottom
2. sides to front (for sides ~ have silver side showing ~ see picture)
3. back to one side ~ leaving other side unattached to side for now.
4. Insert handle ends to each side ~ centered ~ then sew top trim with a straight stitch all the way across the top.
5. sew unattached side to back
6. You will notice your bottom is too long. Cut to fit and sew to remaining 3 sides to bottom.
7. Fold sides in and ~ GUESS WHAT? YOUR DONE!
I think these would make cute little Easter baskets too!

1 comment:

Pat Winter said...

Yes! Adorable. I can imagine the huge grins on the 3 girl's faces receiving these. What a sweet thing to do. Well done my friend.

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