Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week's Work ~ Crazy Quilted Pillow

This week-end is my sister-in-law's birthday so I decided to make her a pillow in some of her fave colors.
I hope she like's it :)

Here is how it started ~ with beautiful fabric's and cigg print from my sweetie pie Pat.

After embellishing ~ I used old trim I found in Mom's attic this fall.
First I starched and pressed it and then added a ring of it around the pillow ~ gathering a bunch in each corner.

Och! Tell me this isn't the MOST painful part!
Turning it right side out and praying all the beading and buttons behave!

Ahhhh ~ relief! All is well!

Most of the silk ribbon I used is hand dyed by Pat.
You may be lucky enough to find some in her Etsy shop!

I am not good at stitching words and numbers so I use primitive straight stitches ~ that don't always come out straight~
and then cover my mistakes with my fave stitch ~ the sweet french knot.
I like them a bit off and willy nilly!

And by the way ~


The French Bear said...

That is absolutely exsquisite, I would love to be able to do that embroidery! Love the colrs too.
Margaret B

The French Bear said...

I mean colors!!

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful! This gift will tickle her toes! Love it! The lace around the edges set it off perfectly.