Friday, March 27, 2009

Unfinished Crazy Quilting To Share

Fly me to the Moon ~

that's what I am calling this piece.
This is still a work in progress ~ inspired by Pat's ciggy print
and some lovely ribbon, fabrics and leaves from her arsenal!
I think it will be a pillow ???

The white flower is glass ~ I wish I could remember where I got it.
I think it is vintage from Tinsel Trading but can't be sure.

I made another puzzle piece ~ it just needs backing and edges finished.I wanted to have a sample for myself because I have an idea!
I have a friend with a shop at the Cape (Cape Cod, Mass.) and I was thinking it would be cool to make a puzzle piece for each surrounding town.
Tourist could buy the ones of the towns at the Cape they have visited.
Maybe I could include some kind of Velcro strap to attach the pieces together.
What do you think?
Cathy K from the "Pieces of Friends Swap" ~ this is the piece I was talking about :)

Oh ONE more thing ~ I am SO excited that Maureen Greeson is back on the scene! She was a huge inspiration to me when I first started crazy quilting. She had the most wonderful on line shop, tutorials that ~ thank goodness ~ I copied and still use and read so often! She will have her new blog up and running soon! I remember years ago ~ I had this awful bladder infection but desperately wanted to attend a quilt show where Maureen had a booth set up and Betty Pillsbury was going to speak.I simply could not miss it so made the 1 hour ride up there ~ ran to the bathroom ~ listened to Betty ~ ran to the bathroom. Got to Maureen's booth and flopped right down in her chair! I told her I was sick and she sweetly let me sit until I could ~ you guessed it ~ run once again to the bathroom!!!


Laurie said...

What a great idea Terri, that would be awesome. I love your puzzle pieces, so pretty! The pillow is turning out gorgeous. Someday I may be as good a crazy quilter as you! I have a way to go, but you inspire me to keep improving. Thank-you!

Sharon said...

Your pillow is beautiful and I love that puzzle pc. I think you have come up with a great idea. Keep me posted if you do this. Just love your stitching. Sharon:-)

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful work...perfect title for your bee girl CQ. Love the puzzle idea. I think it will be a hit!!! Good luck!
Angell was so excited today, she received her first piec of mail, and it was a handsome fella. She wants me to hang it near her bed so when I'm away, she won't be lonely. :-)
Thanks for thinking of her.
Hugs,Pat & Angell

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