Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For My Local Friends .....

I've been keeping a secret and now I thought it was time to share!

The following are 2 of the big things that keep my world goin' round ~
One is a person, One is a place.

First is the DEAR Irreplaceable GYNORA from JC Penney Salon in Waterbury,Ct.
In my lifetime ~ I have been to the best salons in Fairfield County, Ct and Aspen, Colo.and everything in between.
NO ONE was ever able to really control my curly, wavy ~ sometimes pipe curled ~ sometimes frizzy hair.
I sat in Gynora's chair several years ago ~ a walk in ~ not expecting much.
I watched her do magic ~ and with the quick drawl of her straightener (CHI Brand) ~
she gave me the silky straight beautiful hair I had longed for all my life!
I decided to go back to get a color and again ~ she blew me away!

My hair now belongs to her. What ever she says ~ I listen.
Between visits ~ I don't usually take the time to fuss over it did but when I walk out of my appointments every 6 or so weeks ~
I feel like a new woman!
If you are having hair drama like I was ~ check her out!
Second is Advanced Woman's Imaging Center in Trumbull, Ct.
This is where I go for my mammograms.
The minute I walk in ~ I relax~ shoulders drop ~ I feel so loved and taken care off.
They bring you to your own little dressing room where you will find a freshly laundered robe to put on and this little bag for you to take home ( pictured below).
After your mamo ~ you are brought to a private waiting room with all kinds of beverages and herb teas.
The surroundings are beautiful ~ the technicians are first rate and if you need more extensive testing ~ they are equipped to do it right there.
I am thankful for the staff there and encourage you to try them if you aren't getting this kind of treatment .
You deserve it beautiful woman!

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