Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Intercourse Village, Pa.

One night at the Inn ~ The Inn at Intercourse Village, Pa. (part of The Kitchen Kettle Village) that is.
This was a one night get away we planned in Feb. for my 50th and weren't sure we would be taking ~
given the current situation.
Having not been away with Frank since 2001 ~ we didn't want to give up!
We cashed in all our change , iky gold that was laying around my jewelry box for 20 yrs and guess what???
We had over $400.00 for our trip!

So here it is ~ my beloved Room 905 at The Inn.
This is my third stay here and this room feels like my own!
This was on the table when we entered the room ~ along with 2 stainless steel travel mugs for free refills in the Village, a bag of their yummy crackers, sample jams and chocolate and a coupon for ..........
this free breakfast for Frank and I!
All for $99.00!!!

After breakfast we went to Central Market in downtown Lancaster.

Tons of jams and jelly's from Amish farmers ..........

Flowers galore!

The smell of spring FILLS the air!

local chips ~mmmmm
Here are some of the bargains we picked up ~ they were almost giving this stuff away!
I really felt God's blessing on us because these items here are the kinds of things I love and treasure the most
and we found them all in one day.

This is hand dyed silk ribbon ($1.00 a yard!) and embroidery floss from The Quilt Museum in Lancaster.
I have to be honest ~ the museum gets a thumbs down from me.Very little content.
However ~ the free one in Intercourse ~ just across the street form our Inn gets THUMBS UP!!!!
Every time I go to Amish Country ~ I find a vintage pot holder that I like to bring home and duplicate.
I was working on the one I found this week-end last night while I was watching a preacher on TV I really love.
I was groovin' on what he was saying ~ not really paying attention to my sewing.
When I brought it down to show Frank ~ I realized (besides forgetting to give the poor girl an eye brow) ~
I made her lips look like the blow up dolls you see all over 42ND Street in NYC!!!
I was rolling in tears ~ I cracked myself up!
Needless to say ~ this one will not go on Etsy!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Love the embroidered linens..I can't get enough of them..and love the God Bless Our Home picture..the potholders are too cute even though one does look like the blow ups on 42nd street...hahahaha..very cute!

Queen of Dreamsz

Joy said...

What a cute pot holder. I love it.

inventivesoul said...

I love your comment about 42nd street.
But had you not said anything, I would have never even thought it!

SO funny!

Amber Dawn
(New York City)

Anonymous said...


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