Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wanna Get Nosey???

The single best way to learn about a person is to see what books are sitting on their nightstand.
In my case that would be every nook and crany in my home
When I do stop to read ~ it is often in the room the sun happens to be shining at that time.
I surround myself with books, always reading a dozen at a time and rarely finish to the end!
SO ~ come get nosey in my home .........

This is the proverbial nightstand.I have current magazines, the newest Judith Montano book and two others pulled from my library shelf.
They are "The Friendship of Nature ~ A New England Chronicle of Birds and Flowers" and
"Connecting to Creativity" by Bergmann and Colton.

Next to the chaise in my room, my leather journal that I record miracles the Lord is doing in my life,
a bible (I have them all over the house ~ different versions and I read them all)," A Gift From The Sea " ,
"Companions for the Soul" ~ recorded writings dating back to the 1600's of the spiritual struggles and delights of many famous and not so famous folks of the day .
Under my bedroom window you will find books that I like to read in bed when I am tired of the nightstand variety.
These are in my tiny office area ~ all about money, debt and business.

This is a sampling from the bookshelf in my hallway.They run the gamut from historical, local history, poetry and books I'm not ready to put on my "real " library shelves yet.
The upstairs bathroom ~

and in the drawer where I store the tp ~ yikes ~ I'm runnin' low!

The downstairs bathroom ........

New books I want to read this summer ~
 On the coffee table in my sitting room  is the bible I read most mornings and as you can see I am currently planning my garden areas.
The outside deck table ~ lunchtime reading from yesterday.

In the kitchen ~ I am finally reading the books about kitchen appliances that I got 2 years ago!
I still don't get how to use the convection oven or get why my produce is freezing all of the sudden!
The cookbook nook holds just the recipe books I use most.
I keep lots of vintage ones on my library book shelves.
These are next to a chair in my dining room.

I know ~ I am an addict! The hardest part of tightening our belts financially is not buying books on Amazon and fighting that profound erge to spend  hours an hour or so at my local Barnes and Noble.
I can live without new clothes, food, make-up but never flowers and books!
And let me add to that ~ keeping my grey roots touched up.
Some words from my current read "Connecting to Creativity" ~
"You are unique, and
No one else can think what you think
Dream what you dream
Sing what you sing
Say what you say. "
So go a head,get off this darn computer you beautiful creature you  ~

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Pat Winter said...

What an enjoyable peek into Terri's book collection. I have the book about past times sitting in my front room too!

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