Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Fun Morning With Ashley

It all started when Ashley left her I-Phone at home and wanted me ~ all muddy from working outside ~
to bring it to her at work.
She bribed me with a morning of her help in the garden the next day before she went to work .
She even bought me a flat of Impatiens that night for us to plant!
I was so touched but since I know she hates gardening ~ I suggested doing some mosaic.

We found some empty pots.....
and broken glass and went at it!
I was in heaven ~ as the morning sun was just hitting the garden and the birds were exploding in song ~
to be with my sweet daughter doing a project ~ just like the old days!

We decided to keep the glass in big chunks because every time I smacked it with the hammer ~
Teddi barked endlessly and we didn't want to disturb our neighbors so early in the morning.
They still have to be grouted but aren't they cool!
I am CRAZY over Ashley's! I love the Baily's coffee cup and how chunky it looks.
Mine is rimmed with one of my favorite pink vases from the 1940's.
When Frank and I came home from Pa.~ it layed in pieces with a note from Ashley that she broke it but would glue it all back together if I'd like :)
Somehow ~ this was alot more fun!


Laurie said...

Terry what a great idea, I love the look! Be sure to let us see the finished project, now I want to accidentaly do some busting! I don't think my husband would appreciate eating off paper plates and cups though!

Pat Winter said...

Love both pots! Mom has been collecting bits of pottery and china at the beach so we can mosaic a huge pot for her. I can't wait, and will think of your wonderful day...just mother and daughter creating, laughing, and sharing.

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