Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puzzle Swap Has Arrived, Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

The beautiful puzzle pieces have arrived from the "Pieces of Friendship Swap"
that Pat Winter sweetly ignited!

The creators of are from left to right ~

1.Lynn Sletta from MN (Lynn I can't find a link to your blog ~ HELP!)
2.Pat Winter from Indiana, USA
3. Liz from Kansas
4. Elizabeth Woodford

Thank you so much for your beautiful art Ladies! I love and appreciate each and every stitch!

Even though we are into our 3rd week of rain here in New England ~ with a few sunny exceptions ~
my garden is managing to keep producing it's beautiful show.

Lupine .....

and a Foxglove jungle are making me smile through the rain drops!

These are not such great shots of my tiny veggie garden but wanted to show you something ~

the Willow Edging and Red Water Catchers under the tomatoes plants are in Gardeners Catalog
~ and somewhat pricey.
I got them at our local Job Lot last year for a few dollars each!
The water catchers even have the Gardeners name on them!
Keep your eyes open ~ it's surprising what you can find at those kind of stores.

These Candy Striped Roses smell like Christmas Ribbon Candy!

"The plants and flowers of the commonest kind can form a pleasing diary,
because nothing which calls back to us
the remembrance of a happy moment can be insignificant."


Laurie said...

My foxglove are also in full bloom Terri, I love their flowers! Your pictures are beautiful, enjoy your summer!

Pat Winter said...

Oh my! The chocolates and cookies... I want all of them from the pastry shop....yummo!

I have to say, I love visiting your blog. Not because we have become such good friends, but because it is so refreshing to see your beautiful home, read about your beautiful family (ups and downs) and your fun filled journeys everywhere. When we meet one day, we will feel so comfortable with each other and I am looking forward to that day. It is amazing how you can find a kindred spirit through the amazing WWW.Some say it can't be true...phooey on them. We are proof!

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