Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Chit Chat About Sewing ,Chicken Dinner,Matzo Ball Soup,Blue Crabs and Saluna!

I thought we could chat about this and that.

Since I have my Mom on my mind who will be having some surgery this week ~ let me share a gift I recently made for her.
It is a simple crazy quilted coaster.
I purchased the coaster kit at Michaels for just a few $.
It comes with the cork bottom and cross stitch fabric and pattern.
I stitched a crazy quilted circle using the paper insert as a pattern. Such an easy way to make a loving and persoalized gift that is quick to put together.
Anyone can use a pretty coaster for their morning coffee or tea ~ I already have more kits on hand for Christmas gifts!

I started the Chicken Hot Pads for my etsy shop but keep finding folks to give them to!
I love using the retro fabrics and making my own patterns from pictures in magazines!
Speaking of chicken ~ I have wanted to share one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ~
this chicken roaster that allows you to roast your chicken up right.
It sits on 4 prongs that are attached to a dish at the bottom.
I always use organic chicken ~ stuffing sage and other herbs I have on my patio right under the skin.
( You can see the it at the top of the chicken)
I put stuffing or a whole onion in the cavity and put an all natural chicken bullion cube in the tray.
Pour a bit of water over the chicken that you have sprinkled with pepper.
Roast on a cookie sheet until done ~ about 75 minutes.
It is always perfectly cooked ~ moist with crispy skin.
I bought my roaster at TJ Maxx about 10 years ago but I still see it there and HomeGoods
from time to time. It is only about $6.00!

The next day ~ I made Matzo Ball Soup with the left over chicken.
Frank and my son Franky were hungry for a Hungarian Treat called Saluna so the soup was a perfect pair with this!
Saluna is made by heating pork fat over a fire ,then melting the fat on Rye bread filled with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers,onions and peppers.
I know what your thinking but trust me ~ this stuff is GOOD!!!!

My son and I were getting the Saluna ready when my husband called and said he was bringing home Blue Crabs!!!
That might not mean much to you but I'm a Maryland girl ~ YOU KNOW ~ from the Chesapeake Bay ~ Blue Crab Nation!!!

We sat by the fire eating Saluna sandwiches until dark ~ then came upstairs to dive into our Blue Crabs and beer!
Cooking blue crabs is easy ~ add a few dashes of vinegar into boiling water a few inches deep, cover the crabs with GOBS of Old Bay Seasoning.
No Maryland native will be without it in their kitchen ~ regardless of their current geography!
Old Bay is also good on Potato Salad, Home fries, macaroni salad, and deviled eggs.

When I was walking up from my back yard ~ I happen to look at my house from the outside in.
What someone else would see if they were walking by.
The kitchen looked warm and inviting ~ I felt so thankful
for my little house. Modest,nothing fancy but Home!
OKAY ALREADY ~ enough with the sentiment ~ We HAVE CRABS to EAT!!!!

Our retaining wall is dripping with mums right now !
These have proved to be the nicest ones I have ever had and
we got them last year at Home Depot for next to nothing.
I am not a flower snob ~ every flower and flowering weed looks pretty to me!

Finding the bright side of things isn't so hard ~ see this view below?
It is what I look at when I look out my window.
It is a very ugly roof in disrepair from a store at the bottom of my yard and
a Friendlys Restaurant .

See this view below?
It is what I see DIRECTLY above the Friendlys Restaurant.
In a couple more weeks ~ this will explode with color as the trees turn red and gold.
When I look down ~ THAT.
When I look UP ~ THIS.
Psalm 121:1 "I will lift up my eyes to the hills......my help comes from the Lord."

So remember when you fall flat on your face ~
or someone pushes you down with a nasty word ~ LOOK UP!

By the way ~ this is the view from the inside of my window ;)
These are some of the last flowers from my garden of the season.
Notice the beautiful Tea Cozy my pal Pat made for me one Christmas.

Try this the day after your next Chicken Dinner!

Matzo Ball Soup

Simmer left over chicken bones until meat begins to fall off of bones.
Remove all bones and add leftover chicken meat, gravy and any vegetables.
Add a diced onion, the entire heart of a head of celery , 3 carrots sliced, pepper, a chicken bouillon cube.
I like to simmer this for 2 hours.
Use Streits Matzo Ball Mix (don't get the kind that includes the soup mix ~ it is far too salty)
Follow direction on box but I will include them here ~

  1. Mix 2 large eggs with 1/4 cup oil
  2. Add contents of matzo package and mix until uniform.Let stand 15 minutes.
  3. Using wet hands, form matzo onto balls about the size of walnuts.
  4. Drop balls into boiling broth, cover tightly and reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes.


Bunny Chic Boutique said...

THAT is a Gorgeous view you have looking up and out your window. AND your Mums are so pretty!!

Hope you're having a Fabulous week!!

I'm off to bed ~ Zoe is already sound asleep beside me ~ snoring quite loudly. :)

animal print gal said...

How beautiful are your mums! So colorful and refreshing!
You are right the view from outside inside feels "home".
Thank you for sharing!

Sea Witch said...

You had me at Matzo Ball soup. Haven't had homemade Matzo Ball soup in years...thanks for the recipe, I will be whipping this up on a cold day. Sea Witch

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