Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Time in New York City

Christmas in New York City ~ there is nothing like it!

Frank and I took the train in on Saturday ~ about an hour from our corner of Conn.

We were greeted in Grand Central Station by Santa's EVERYWHERE !

We were waiting for a cab outside of Grand Central and I couldn't resist this shot .

First thing ~ we headed to Max Brenner for some Brunch Therapy......

...... for some chocolate magic

.....swirling around in big vats and toying with all of our senses!

Across the street at Union Square ~ there were vendors GALORE....

....... just look at the sampling of spices.

We walked about 20 blocks to Macys ~
at this point my feet were killing me ~ thank you Foot Locker for being there when i needed you!

                                                     and then 20 more to the Radio City Music Hall/ Rockefeller Center area.

Never able to resist a NYC hot dog vendor.

The glorious Rockefeller Tree in all it's glory.

The ice skaters are not letting the cold temperatures keep them away.

Across the street ~ on the Saks Fifth Avenue building are these magical stars covering the building.

About every 15 minutes or so ~ they start to twinkle to Christmas music.

Everyone just stops and listens in awe!

I love this shot ~ a side street off of 5Th Avenue.

Go get a cup of eggnog ~ relax and super size the following photos of the windows along 5Th Ave.

Happy Holidays!


FredaB said...

Hi Terri

Thanks for the New York pictures. I used to love seeing the windows in downtown Chicago - both State street with Marshall Fields windows and the beautiful Michigan Avenue. Haven't been down for 3 years. Last time took DD & 2DILs to see Wicked.

I really enjoyed your great pics. We are staying in florida for Christmas this year so no snow.

Have a Great Christmas with your family.



Anonymous said...

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Sharon said...

Oh Terri thanks for the New York celebration. Just beautiful. Hope your tootsies survived! Just had to come by and wish you a happy holiday. 2010 will be filled with fun!!! Sharon

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