Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Come Join Me For a Walk in My Garden

Here in Connecticut ~ the Garden Tours have begun!
(see a full list at the end of this post)

I have made my favorite summer drink just for you ~ 3/4 part fresh brewed tea to 1/4 part lemonaide
Come join me for a tour of my Garden.......

"Where you believe there is magic, you will find it."

Let's start at my little side porch in the front yard.......

I placed this hanging basket right at the door so we could all touch the fuzzy blooms as we walk in and out ~ no one can resist ! 

   As we walk across the tiny front yard ~ we come to stairs leading to the back....

And this big pot of lavender beauties on your right.

As we head down the stairs ~ to the right you see my little rock garden starting to take shape;

To the left ~ Franks Veggie garden.

As we get to the bottom of the 15 or so stairs ~ we are at the 1st of 3 levels of the back yard.

The 1st level where the pond and patio are ~  there shade and sunny spots.
We are looking towards my back porch and stairs to the upper deck.

This birdbath was a Mother's Day gift from Jaci. I like to pretend the girl sitting there is me!!!
It reminds me of trips to the Smokey Mountains with the kids ~ pulling over and enjoying the mountain springs!

This is the sitting area across from the little pond.

Here are some of the flowers in bloom in this area ~

Walking under the arbor to the end of the porch ~ it's my 2 baby's .....Ashley and Teddi!
You can see I still have  some oganizing to do under the deck!
Franky gave me the porch swing for my birthday in March and I LOVE it!
This was a favorite spot for Jake and I to sit ~ he liked morning naps under the porch ;)

To the left of Ashley are benches and stairs to go down to the 2nd level of my yard ~ the shade gardens.
Let's go!

Coming down the stairs to the right is my little veggie garden.
It only measures about 10' by 4' but I have it jam packed with tomatoes, radishes, beans, peas, beets, lettuce and hot peppers!
There is Franky's dog Daisy ~ tail flapping ;)

To the left is the entire length of the 2nd level.
It is mostly shade so the plantings include azalea, hosta, ferns, hydrangea, foxglove, Jacobs ladder, primrose, astilbie and various variegated ground cover.
At the end is Our Dear Jake's grave.
As we walk towards Jake area ~ we will pass some of the flowers I mentioned.

Here is Teddi visiting Jake. Ashley and I took this picture today and both cried when we looked at it.
You can see the sadness in Teddi's eyes ~ he misses his brother so much.

Let's follow Teddi down to the 3rd level through the Rusty Garden Arches ~ 
I lovingly call this the Garden Ghetto.
Rust and chipping paint are the order of the day but there is something charming and imperfect about it and it makes me smile!

Here in front of the shed ~ I've planted birdhouse gourds, zinnias, tall snapdragons and sunflowers.

Ashley has a  rows of tomato and cucumbers.
I've also planted a small section of corn to hide the big, ugly compost pile.

As we turn around and head back up ~ we will pass by this clematis under the Weeping Cherry Tree.

And this on the Rusty Garden Arches

We are now walking back up the hill towards Shade garden ~

How do you like the beautiful Birdhouse (to the left ) that Cheri & Tony, Franky and Ashley gave me for Mothers Day?

Here's Franky putting it up for me this week ~
(isn't he handsome!!!)

Here's a path we can take from the shade garden back to the Pond area .....

Here we are ~ see the stairs to the left that lead back up to the front yard?
(The Pond is to the left but we can't see it in this photo.)

At the front porch ~ you can see my house is right on the road.
This home was built in the late 1800's when people where still using horses for transportation.
My property is less than an acre and shaped like a triangle ~ the house is at the top of the triangle and the back of the yard is the point.

All the houses in my neighborhood are clustered together and about as old as mine.
My 2 elderly neighbors do a wonderful job keeping their property clean and neat ~ the rest don't.
Every time we have tried to move ~ it seemed every door would close so I am believing the Lord has us here for a reason.
In the meantime ~ I do everything I can to make my home a happy and peaceful place for my family to be ~ and my heart is truly grateful.
~ Gardening Tips ~

                             ~Paint  will do wonders for ugly wood that you can't afford to replace.
~ Create Garden Rooms!                                            
In my little yard ~ I have at least 10 "rooms". Areas can be divided by arbors, changing the ground surface (grass, straw hay, mulch, brick are some of the things I use) or simply add a small tree or cluster of evergreens.    
~ Every spring I divide my hosta, ground covers, daylillys and use to fill in areas that are empty.
Then when I have the extra $ ~ I buy something more interesting to replace them.
~ Instead of just running borders along your proberty line ~ run borders INTO your property.
This will add interest to your garden. 
~ I happen to LOVE impatiens! Don't let upscale garden centers make you feel you need to shun annuals. I have never met a flower I didn't love !
~ Don't forget the beauty of sound.                                                                                                        
Bird feeders and baths invite the heavenly sound of birdsong and a water feature is the finishing touch. Frank and I fall asleep to the sound of our pond everynight ~ it's so peaceful after a long day.

Use the link above for a list of all the Garden Tours in Connecticut this summer!

Follow this link for the beautiful Martin House in my garden.
It will be hand crafted with perfection by Mel Fisher of Strasburg, Pa.

"Open up the windows ~ Push away the grey
Create a special garden ~ to brighten up your day."


Maureen said...

Terri, What beautiful outdoor rooms! Your love of quiet beauty shows so much! Maureen

Catherine said...

Oh my ~ what a beautiful garden you have! How I wish I was truly there. I live in Southwest Saskatchewan and while I love it ~ we received snow again on Sunday (yes...snow...) and my poor plants are sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be planted! :( How lovely that I can at least picture summer here at your blog! :) Thank you for sharing!

xo Catherine

Laurie said...

Oh Terri, I couldn't get enough of this post. Your gardens are just beautiful, and your tips are taken to heart. Thanks so much for your wonderful tour! Beautiful!!!!

FredaB said...


You have a lovely garden there. I envy you the foxgloves. They are one of my favorites but I cannot seem to grow them. I now buy them and put them on the deck and enjoy the one season then discard them.

You and Pat are both true gardeners.

It has always surprised me the number of CQ people who also are gardeners. Seems to go together.

I received your message and thank you.



emme said...

Your garden is as beautiful as you, Terri. I especially loved the garden tour as I'll miss our visit this spring. Love you!

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