Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restoring Honor 8-28-10 Washington, DC USA

Just at the start of the Rally ~ God sent a formation from above.
It happen at 9:59 ~ Watch This.
The entire crowd let out a Gasp ~ we were in awe.

Dr. Alveda King to Glenn Beck when she hugged him before she went to speak and felt the bullet proof vest under his clothing....
"I didn't think of that, brother will you pray for me."

Many were warned not to speak on those steps at the Lincoln Memorial ...or else.

But they did it anyway.

"Blindfolded fear does not lead to an awakening - Questioning with Boldness does."
Glenn Beck

"We are one Race ~ We are an American Race."
Dr Alveda King

We can't get lost in politics, center around the virtues of
Hope, Charity, Faith.

What my son and I experienced at the Rally ~

There was a calm, comforting and loving presence in the air.

We celebrated America's Military Personal.

People are hurting financially, beaten down but came with a firm desire to turn things around in their own life first ~ and that of our Country.

There where ZERO politics in the speeches.

Seated behind me (we were like sardines) ~ a lively, beautiful woman cheering and full of excitement but every hour or so, her husband helped her in her wheel chair where she took in a large inhaler so she could breath.

To my right, a 40 something man who fell over several times because of an insulin problem but refused to leave until the rally was over.

A man from Kentucky who is concerned he may have to close his small car repair business when the new health care laws take effect.

In front of us, a family of 5, the oldest in his 90's, who traveled 2 days to get there.

Lots of Vet's!

The Southern Bells ~ beautifully dressed, lipstick in place, never dropped a bead of sweat in their fancy patriotic hats and garb.

Lot's of parents with children ~ it was a beautiful slice of American Pie.

Singing Amazing Grace with over 500,000 Patriots.

People standing shoulder to shoulder to restore Honor and praise the name of Jesus.

Pray ...for our leaders, for guidance, for inspiration.
Pray humbly before the Lord ~ and let your children see you.
The recipient for the Award for Faith ~

Hope must be based on truth not lies.
Honesty = Hope
Tell the truth even at your own expense.
The recipient for the Award of Hope ~

Begins in our own home with our spouse and children.
Tithing 10% of our income to our local church and those who need a hand up.
The recipient for the Award of Charity ~

Message of the Day
If you enter the Purifying fire of Truth ~ it will burn but the Truth will be refined and the evil will be consumed.

Get behind God ~ use Him as your shield.

Know you have a purpose ~ you were born for such a time as this.

Get the poison of Hatred out of you ~ look to God and Love.

The principles of America need to be preached from the pulpit, not politics ~ Principles.

Self regulation ~ you do what is good because it is right ~ not because the government tells you to.

Be motivated to strive to be better in our own lives and to teach our children Rights come from God.

YOU can change the world.

Focus on God, Faith, Hope and Charity.

Restoring Honor on a personal level, Look above and within.

Honor your job, spouse and children.

Read your Bible.

Go back to church.


  • The Restoring Honor Rally crowd was almost a mile long (8/10 to be exact)

  • At least 500,000. in attendance

  • Not a single arrest

  • 6th largest crowd of all time at the Mall

  • The Smithsonian Institute has requested items from the event to preserve.

  • 5.5 million dollars was raised for the SOWF during the Rally.
 All lead by a man from the secular media.

"Hero's are just people who stand and do the right thing ~
sometimes at their peril."

God is a...
Keeper of His promises

America is coming back to God for Restoration.

Written at the top of the Washington Monument are the words
Click the words to see what they mean.

Notes ~
Some of the pictures are from  Glenn Beck's Web Site

I was shocked when I read the papers and listened to the media reports of this Rally. No one got it right.
I have shied away from politics up until this point and didn't believe the media could really be that far off ~ now I feel challenged.
Honestly ~ it scared me.

This was a loving , peaceful event ~ centered around God, Our Vet's and raising money for Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
Read SOWF story Here.
People were polite, kind and when my son and I walked past the event Al Sharpton had going on ~ they were kind too.
The Truth is God had His hand on Washington this past Saturday.
Let's pray ~ on our knees ~ that He will keep it there.

Here are a few shots I took as we were walking after the event was over ~

The Botanical Gardens

The Library of Congress

The US Capitol from the Library of Congress

Notice how half way up the Washington Monument the color of the stone changes?
That was where they had to stop construction during the Civil War.
When they continued the project after the war ~ they could no longer find the same color.

God Bless America ~ God Bless YOU!


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Thanks for posting about the rally, I would have loved to have been there.
I just found your blog, via Pam Kellogg. I love your work. I will be back checking to see what beautiful things you make.
Hugs, Pat

Lynn said...

I wanted to come by and thank you for the lovely comment on my vintage style sewing :) I can't really comment on the rally, I am Canadian and didn't know anything about it, don't watch the news either much, yet it sounds like you really found a lot of good there and enjoyed yourselves, so it must be a good thing :)
Take care, Lynn

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

I just love Glenn Beck,just got done listening to him on Sirius:) I wish we could have gone to that rally. It really looked like a beautiful experience.
Capers of the vintage vixens
P.S. Do you have a way for us to follow your blog? I didn't see one:)

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