Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday Supper in Port Jefferson, New York

 Where do you go in your little corner of the world to have a mini getaway?

I have sea salt in my veins but live 30 minutes from the Long Island Sound ~ a good 60 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.
There are truly some days my world will stop if I can't smell some good sea salt in my nostrils!

My place to run is the Port Jefferson Ferry  in Bridgeport, Ct 
You catch the ferry in Bridgeport ~ located on the wrong side of the railroad tracks for sure!

You can find some interesting things anywhere though.
We had to park on the street because the parking lot was full only to discover this building ~
The Oldest surviving home in Connecticut built by African Americas.
I never knew this existed !

And this beautiful building that I admire when driving on I~95.
I just love the lettering on this building and what a treat to see it up close!

It is a 90 minute ferry ride across the Long Island Sound to Port Jefferson, New York .

Sometimes I just take the ride there and back without Ever getting off the ferry!
Frank and I like to go over just to have dinner at Danfords ~ a nice Inn near the ferry dock.
That's what we did a few Sundays ago.
There are lots of little shops you can visit and great places to eat but we like this one located right on the water.

Here is the view just as you are approaching Port Jefferson ~

See the Big sand dunes?
 When I was a teen I used to take the ferry and walk an hour along the shore so I could sit on those dunes.
I went alone with my backpack,blanket and diary.
That was a day in heaven for me!

We've arrived at the Port ~ lets take a walk down Main street !

Remember when these Telephone Booths used to be on EVERY corner!

This is a Childrens Maritime Museum near the dock ~

There's Frank ~ walking back to the ferry after a wonderful meal.

If you are lucky ~ you will be treated to a beautiful sunset on the ride home!

Most folks I know in my area never think to take a ferry ride ~ even though it's right in our backyard.

I wonder what you have right outside your back door ~ Be a tourist for the day Right where you live!

To make your Homemade Fries "sea worthy" ~
dip in apple cider vinegar

To make your Lobster, Crabs or Shrimp "sea worthy" ~
steam in Old Bay Seasonings 

To make your Homemade Crab Cakes "sea worthy" ~
use just a bit of crushed saltines only to hold together
(pretty, pretty please ~ NO breadcrumbs!!!!)


Laurie said...

Terri the pictures are stunning! Love the sunset. It sounds like such a relaxing day. We are surrounded by the lakes here, and just sitting at the shore taking in all the water has to offer makes a day special.

Pat Winter said...

What a fun venture...picture perfect!John came home early and I sauteed shrimp with Old Bay and thought of you. I remember you mentioning it. :-)

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