Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Pic's

The British Journal Photographic Almanac
Really awesome pictures that would look cool framed.
Recently on eBay for $46.00

Hamlet  Leather printed 1902

 on page 98 ~ a clipping of John Barrymore was in the page....kinda cool since he was held in esteem for his portrayal of  Hamlet.
 Funky Bailey's Cup ~ 1980's

One of those electricity conductors ~ not sure the age but a rich shade of brown ~ about 4 inches tall.

Hand made wrought iron tool or maybe used to cook? Purchase in Lancaster, PA.

 Johnson Card Shuffler ~ 1951. Made in Chicago, Ill.
"The Complete Book of Games" copyright 1940 should go with this!
Filled with card games and crazy indoor and outdoor games.

Hammered Aluminum Crumber ~ 1950's?

Pink plastic party favors ~ 1950's ?

1 comment:

Laurie said...

I love old books Terri, the smell takes me back to the library when I was young. So many awesome antiques, I'm curious about the one tool, what it could have been used for!

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