Monday, February 14, 2011

Oilcloth Shopping Organizer ~ Changed My Shopping Trips Forever!

I think this may very well be the most useful item I have ever made!

It's started with the whole economy thing ~ we've all been hit by it.
Well ~ I needed to start using coupons again.
I also needed a place for my reading glasses, shopping list, pen.

 It had to have a matching coupon holder,

 And Velcro straps to hold it securly to the shopping cart.

 It had to fold neatly to slip into my purse or back pocket.
It also had to be sturdy, cheerful and hold up to alot of wear and tear ~ oilcloth fit the bill!

Here's the one I made for myself and would not go to the store without !

Check out my Etsy Shop to have one of your very own in Pink or Yellow as shown here.

Would you prefer to try to make your own?

I made my pattern by first measuring the bar on the cart ~ then measuring how much space I would need for each item.

Oil cloth can be tricky to work with but the results are well worth it.

Let me give you some tips on sewing with oilcloth ......

You need a special foot since the oilcloth sticks with a normal foot as you sew.

For my Janome 10000 ~ I use a Ultra Glide Foot. It is plastic and cost was about $25.00.

I use a size 12 needle. My favorite brands are Organ, Schmetz or Kenmore.

Ironing is tricky if not impossible. I have done it with a cool iron and a pressing sheet but always finger press when possible.

When I will be sewing with oilcloth for the day ~ I will leave my stack of material near a sunny window.

The heat from the sun flattens it just enough. Also put it under a stack of heavy books if time allows.

                                                             This is the best sight in the world for Oilcloth Tips ~ Oil Cloth Addict

  Here is where I like to purchase oilcloth ~ Mendels      

"If you seek and angel with an open heart you shall always find one."



Laurie said...

What a fantastic idea Terri, I see this being a big seller!

Maureen said...

This is so cute (and useful)!! Thank you.

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