Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Masterful Book You Can't Miss by Lovey


A beautiful book has just hit the market that I just had to be sure you have heard about.
It is called  " Fabric Photo Memories"  by Lovey

This amazing artist named Lavette Debrow, better know as Lovey has been featured in
Sew Somerset, Studios and most recently in
Pat Winter's 1st Edition of " Crazy Quilt Gatherings"

There is something about her work that stands out to me.
Beautiful and masterfully done but there is something more.
Lovey's work has a heart and soul that is palatable.
You can taste and feel the love through her blog pages and beautiful works of art.

It may be that it is all dedicated to her Mom who celebrated her 5th anniversary in heaven this past February 25th.
It may be her deep Faith in the Lord that permeates her work.
I think it is all of these combined with her passion.

I celebrate Lovey and all of my beautiful blogging friends ~ even the ones that are silent.
You pour your passion into the thing you love ~
Combining all the ingredients and experiences of your own world into an expression of art that we all can enjoy.

You are all treasures ~ hidden in blogs and magazine pages and behind kitchen tables where you may never be found.
The passion for your art burns inside of you ~
how lucky are we all when a spotlight comes your way and you are a treasure found.

Consider Lovey a treasure found.

Go  here to purchase your copy of " Fabric Photo Memories" by Lovey

1 comment:

Lovey said...

Oh Terri, simply beautiful...your words. Your support of me and my art...which is my heart. You know Terri, it is a blessing that you have seen into my heart this way. Sometimes it can be a scary thing to expose your heart in this capacity, you go through all the questions of "what if..." but then you settle your Spirit, listen to that quiet voice within you (The Lord's whisper) and you just do it. When God leads you down a path...you just follow him, and I believe that's what I am doing...following HIM. I want to inspire and encourage others with my "art heart". My love for my MOM; never to be forgotten. My love for the Father;unmeasurable. His Grace and Mercy abounds and I am blessed to know that you are my sister in Christ and that you support my efforts to reach others with my heart. Blessings Dear Terri and thank you. xoxo Lovey

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