Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Newest Crazy Quilted Piece and Happenings in Connecticut

Wow I've missed you guys!

I look to the left of my post where all of your blogs are listed and I realize I haven't read a single post.
It kinda feels like walking into my home and having it be filled with new things.
I can't wait to catch up with you all.

I don't think I told you that in April I got my own weekly local history column on The Patch, a cool, hip online newspaper owned by AOL but with hyper local "issues" for towns all over the USA.
I always ask the Lord to "walk before me" in all of my endeavors and this was a case of him truly doing that.
My experience is writing this blog and editing for Pat Winter's magazine but I guess in truth, I have written almost all my life.
I remember running in the door and tearing up to my room to make a new entry in my journal when I was a teen.I have kept a journal since I was about 10 or 11complete with pictures of David Cassidy which progressed to Cat Stevens then Led Zepplin and on and on.
It takes me 2 days to write my column each week because I do extensive research. I have to be able to "feel" and have a clear understanding of the subject before I can write about it.
I love digging for info and sharing it, my town has an amazing past.

I have also been fighting a bad case of the blues....you know the kind that really gets a grip on you.
It hasn't slowed me down just made my mind feel like jello. I know you have all been there!
So enough of that....here's a little journey of the last month.

My work was recently in The Naugatuck Historical Society's sponsored Art Show.

I made this pillow/mini quilt with Pat Winter's beautiful silk ribbon and Pam Kellogg's hand dyed trim.

The butterfly was created on my embroidery machine. It is a Zundt Swedish design and though it is time consuming to make, it is absolutely beautiful when complete. I used water soluble stabilizer and netting in my hoop and carefully burned away the extra netting when the design was complete.

The center design is one I purchased from Maureen Greeson years ago before we became pals.
I was at a quilt show and had such a bad bladder infection, she let me sit is a chair next to her display to rest. Of course I didn't leave empty handed!

The Art Show was a fun evening of wine, cheese and local art.

The dolls houses displayed at the show were made by a local man ~ aren't they something!

 Real "Naugahyde" stuffed toys. Yup that's right, one of the notable things our town is know for is the creation and production of Naugahyde. (It is no longer made locally)

 These fish looked so real, it was amazing!

The best part of the evening was my beautiful kids coming and staying for the entire event. Jaci was away but from left to right is Ashley, Franky,Cheri and Cheri's love Tony.

I made this little doily wrapped pillow for the silent auction.

 Artist Rosanna Shea made these beautiful cuffs. She also won the silent auction for the pillow I made.
We were excited to meet each other ~ another fiber artist in town ~ yippee!

 My most beautiful work of art ~ my kids.

 On to the garden.... it smells so awesome now, every flower competing with the other's scent.

Fairy cottages - I guess most call them Foxglove ;)
I could cry when I look at them they are so beautiful.

Look at our "new" Jake that my daughter rescued this February. He's just spotted a squirrly (that's what he calls squirrels) and I'm afraid he'd like to kill it.

We have lots of winery's in Connecticut and our favorite in Hopkins Vineyard.

We went with our pals Brenda and Pete for a wine tasting. (pictured from left Brenda, Frank, Pete)

What a scene to be surrounded by rolling hills of wine vineyard's, a live band, fresh food and dear friends.

 This past week-end Frank and I went to the Connecticut Historical Society.
It was jam packed with a variety of different displays. If I had been alone I would have gone to Mark Twain's Hartford home afterward which is just down the road,however Frank couldn't endure another visit there ~ lol!

 I had just written about the Columbia bicycle in this weeks column so was really excited to see this display!

 Gosh ~ they didn't nix words in the 1800's ~ Man and Hors ~  right to the point!

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory in West Hartford afterwards. I am not a fan of "chains" but I was happy with the grilled fish taco. It was very fresh and light. This was the ceiling right above where we were seated.

Well that's been my month friends.

Have you all been enjoying Pat's magazine?
She pours so much of her beautiful self into it.
I'm so thankful for all of us crazy quilters and lovers of such beautiful art to have a dedicated magazine.

This dog collar was featured in the summer issue of Crazy Quilted Gatherings and I am putting it on my etsy site if you'd like to spoil your fur baby. It is one of a kind and to give you a guide about size ~ it looks just as good on my 14 pound Yorkie Teddi (no wise cracks ~ he's on a diet and had already lost 1 pound!) as it does on our 40 pound Jake.

Now hug yourself for me ~ treat yourself tenderly....see you soon!


Carole said...

Wow you sure have had a full month. Congrats on the writing job. What a great way to find out about a town.

Love all the artists you featured.


Pam Kellogg said...

Terri Lee, I was thinking of you this morning and then your message came through on my blog post!

I do hope that my articles have helped someone who suffers from depression. It's a rough road from beginning to end.

Hope you're doing well.

Hugs, Pam

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