Saturday, August 6, 2011

Redecorating Time!

It's decorating time!

This year I have let my house go so it's frightening!
I feed off of my surroundings for inspiration in writing, creating art and feeling whole...its that important to me.
This rubs off in every area including the meals I cook and my enthusiasm to clean, or lack of as is the case now!

The kind of redo I have in mind is the no budget/ take from the grocery budget kind ~
You all know what I mean!

Here are some of my inspiration pictures from the internet.....

I love the way the chairs and table are grouped together with everything away from the walls.

The mismatched furniture is cozy and comfy.

This is the paint color I want to use in my hallway , does anyone know the name or brand?

In this photo the old architecture and chipped wood is striking!

There is a such a beautiful glow to this room.

Fireplace idea?

Love the cool, soothing feel to this room!

My supplies on hand are ~

1. A $20.00 drop cloth from Walmart which provides lots of yardage to do some slipcovers.

2. A large white, chipped fireplace enclosure that is sitting in the garage

3. A ripped wing chair

4. 5 packages of $4.95 tulle curtains from Ikea.

5. A promise from my husband that he will have someone paint our dark,dirty looking 100 plus year old wood beams and ceiling in the living room.

6. My 25 year old collection of Country Living, Martha Stewart, Victoria Magazine and Home Companion for inspiration.

I have just a few weeks to get this done as I am surprising Frank with a 50th Birthday party Labor Day week-end.

Wish me luck!

                                                          pretty bollster pilow!

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Carole said...

I was just going thru my 12 yr collection of magazines and came across that 3rd photo with the cool artsy stuff. Sent a pic to my friend whose house was just shot for a mag. She couldn't understand why they wanted her mostly white house...if they were going to thru all kinds of color in it with their props. That photo was a great example. She hated, it I love it. and yes we are still friends.

good luck with the redecorating

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