Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learning To Live With Celiac Disese

When I found out a few weeks ago I had Celiac Disease I was shocked! I didn't have the usual symptoms, nothing more than feeling bloated and being very tired. After blood work and a biopsy of the small intestine ~ it was confirmed.

                                                  ( Better than hearing this I guess ~ lol!)

First let me say ~ the biopsy part called an endoscopy seems like it would be awful right? Plus a colonoscopy at the same time, basically a tube down each end ~ lol!
I promise you it didn't hurt, I was asleep and didn't feel a thing! Don't EVER be afraid of getting either procedure done.

Now here's the thing ~ lots of you have this and don't realize it.The statistics   are something like only 1 in 100 that have it never get diagnosed. It can causes almost every kind of other disease because the gluten in food is like poison to a Celiac person. Remember, its not an allergy but an autoimmune disease.

The little villi on the small intestine get damaged so your body can't absorb the proper amount of nutrients causing every kind of secondary disease you can imagine.
For me it was mental confusion, depression, no energy and a stomach that could go from flat to 6 months pregnant in 5 minutes!

The cure? Stop eating gluten ~ that's it! No meds, no surgery, just a healthy diet!

When my step dad got this several years ago, I couldn't have imagined anything worse. How would one live without pasta, the crunchy end of Italian bread dipped in olive oil, cranberry bread and Italian pastry's.

Well just a few weeks in I can say I have found lots of great substitutes. The stores are starting to carry lots of gluten free items, yesterday I found gluten free Rice Krispies so I can make Rice Krispie bars.

The other day I made my family stuffed shells and baked myself a half of a spaghetti squash.
The last 20 minutes in the oven, I filled the center of the squash with sauce and a piece of fresh mozzarella. As soon as you put your fork through the squash, it shreds exactly like spaghetti noodles and taste 100% better!

Eating out is a challenge but many places carry gluten free menus.
We went to a wedding at the Longwood Inn in Woodbury just days after I found out and I had planned on speaking to the chief to quietly find out what I could eat. Was I ever surprised to find the bride had the same problem and every bit of the amazing meal was gluten free!

Here are some great links you can visit about eating gluten free and Celtic ~

Explains illness

What is a gluten free diet?

Places you can eat gluten free across the country.

Gluten Free Goddess Blog ~ great recipes!

Gluten Free Goddess ~ cheat sheet

More recipes from Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog

Why not ask for a blood test for Celiac on your next doctors visit? It sure can't hurt and may just chance your life.

Besides telling you some good recipes or products from time to time, I probably won't write about this much but please if you ever have questions ~ feel free to email me at tthreadart@aol.com


Laurie said...

I had never heard of this, and didn't know either that their were so many substitutes for gluten. You have an amazing attitude, thank-you for sharing this with us, and erasing some of the fears of having testing done. Bless You!

Gabriela said...

Hi, sorry to hear this...however you are lucky to have it at a time when there's so much out there in the way of information as well as substitutes...I want to share a blog I have been following and think you will enjoy....

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Terri,

Isn't is amazing what can cause depression? I'm so glad to hear that you have some answers and some solutions. Nothing wrong with Gluten free food. I myself eat a very low carb diet and it doesn't bother me in the least. I've gotten the point where I crave fruit and salad all the time. I do still have my weakness for chocolate but the Dove Dark Chocolate squares are just enough to satisfy my cravings without so much of the sugar found in milk chocolate.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope this all helps you to feel better!

Hugs, Pam

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