Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crazy Quilted Clutch Bag and Other Great Idea's for Sewing and Giving

When I saw the pattern for a crazy quilted clutch in Pat's latest issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings
I had to try it!
This was such a fun and easy project!
Halfway through I got in the middle of a dog fight and was still able to finish even with 6 nasty bites on my hand.Because of the ease of this project, the motivation stays with you to finish it!

It's so exciting when you are turning your piece right side out !

 Not such a great pic but this is the clutch once the lining is sewn to the front ~ at this point you just need to sew the sides together.

 This is the clutch with the flap up....

and the back with the flap still up.

 Don't forget to add your tag! Every fabric artist and sewer should have their own tags ~ visit for great deals on them.

 The finished clutch.

Click below to order issue 4 where this pattern is available.

After the holidays I might even try my hand at a BoHo Bag!
I have drawers full of beautiful decorator fabric samples perfect for these bags.
Click the link below for all the instructions to make your own BoHO Bag.

For now, I will be busy crazy quilting night light shades as Christmas gifts. I just found the night lights I had bought to do this project a few years ago. This was a mini craze Pat started in 2009 by just being her creative self and sharing the pic's on her blog. We all wanted to try our hand at it and I got as far as buying the lights. I have always liked being way ahead of a trend or way behind ~ lol!
Click the link below for Pat's 2009 blog post about these beauty's!

(this one pictured is Pat's creation)

Are you ready for Christmas?

I put my trees up right after Halloween except for the real tree but my "To Do' list is still mostly undone. Regardless, it is the giving part that gives the Joy. Let the Lord do His magic through your hands ~ honest He will.
Last week, I was out several hours, feeling weak and had to eat. I can't just eat anywhere anymore with the Celiac but for some reason stopped at this burgar place in a not so great area to get a plain burgar without the bun...when the worker asked me if it was to go. I found myself saying "I'll eat it here." I shocked I said I wasn't in the best area.
Shortly after, a guy in his late 20's, not very well dressed, came up to me and asked me if I had a black seabring. He said he had just hit my car. I was so taken with his honesty.
We went to the parking lot, my car had paint from his car on my tire and a thin scratch about 10" long.I was overcome by a forgiving spirit that was not my own. I walked to his car to tell him not to worry about it and saw his side bumper was cracked in half and hanging. It was an older car but you could tell he took great pride in it.
We walked back in the restarant and he thanked me. As I sat to finish my burgar, a voice in my heart that I know to be the Lord's reminded me I had a good deal of money in my purse that Frank had given me and I had forgotton put away at home.
I knew this was a set up by the Lord and that money was for this man.When I went over to his table, he had the look of deep sadness. I handed him the rolled up money and explained it was from the Lord.I hugged him and walked out.
I cryed all the way home, thinking how our Precious God had me in eating at a place I'd never go to, in an area I'd never spend time in....all because he wanted to bless this man.

I remembered all the times He had done this for us most recently this past winter. My husbands work had slowed down to a trickle, we had a large amount of money we needed to pay our mortgage and out of the blue, a check arrived in the mail for the EXACT amount we needed from a most unexpected souce.No one knew what trouble we were in or how much we needed, only God.
It's funny, I never meant to share this story but maybe someone needs to be encouraged.
If your in trouble know your Father in heaven hears you. No matter how little or how much you have, don't ever doubt our Heavenly Father can't use your open hands to be His angel to someone on this earth.


Laurie said...

The clutch turned out so beautiful Terri, can't wait to get the next issue! Your testament was equally as beautiful. Isn't God's grace amazing!? Bless You for being so open to his prompting, a great lesson for all of us.

Pat Winter said...

Your clutch is gorgeous! Your story brought tears to my eyes. Only yesterday I had stopped to pick up some envelopes and a middle aged man was sitting on a bench wishing every passerby a Merry Christmas. I coulod tell he wasn't drinking or anything and was sincere and I hadn't eaten so I ran into subway and bought a sandwich and milk for myself and a gift certificate for him. I went out and as he reached to wish me Happy Holidays I put the card in his hand and said "Lunch is on me today" and he looked like he was in shock. I worried for only a split second that he might think that I thought he was begging, but when I looked into his eyes, I saw that he knew he was being re payed in this small, small way. It was a small gift but felt very good to give. Keep up the Holiday Spirit and beautiful projects.Hugs,Pat

Pink Bunny said...

What a sweet story! I have celiac also and I so understand ordering the hamburger without the bun!

Pink Bunny said...

What a sweet story! I also have celiac and so understand ordering the hamburger without the bun!

Val Bothell

Pink Bunny said...

Hi again Terri,

I have have known for over twenty years but have only changed my diet in the last two years. If it is encouraging, I have gotten good enough at cooking gluten free that my whole family likes it and eats that way also! I am also a christian which also drew me to your blog! I'll be happy to help in any way with recipes etc...oh and thank you for the compliments on my blog. Yours is beautiful also!

Talk talk to you later,



Pink Bunny said...

Hi again Terri!

I have known I was celiac for over 20 years but have only changed my diet in the last 2 years. I have gotten good enough at gluten free cooking that my whole family eats it and likes it! I'll be happy to encourage you with recipes etc..oh, and thank you for the compliments on my blog. Yours is beautiful also! I was also drawn to your blog because I am a Christian also!

Talk to you later!


Valerie Bothell

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

The Clutch is absolutely Gorgeous!!! You are such an incredibly generous and a true angel. :)

I'm sending you a separate email ~ please let me know if you don't receive it.

Lots of Love ~


Pam Kellogg said...


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