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Sajou, Dovo, Gingher or Grama's ~ Whats Your Fave Pair of Scissors?

Hi Friends!

Have you received your 2014 Summer issue of "Crazy Quilt Gatherings"?
Pat has created another beautiful issue to savor with a cup of tea and some of Pam's Moms cookies ~ you'll find the recipe in this issue!
I wrote an article in this issue called "Scissor Selection" where I asked you to tell me about your favorite scissors,is there a brand that you prefer or is your choice a sentimental one?

Please do leave me a comment with your answer!

My scissors are like good friends I never get tired of. Each project I use them for makes them more endearing to me.

I have to say overall, Dovo is my top choice. I just discovered them this year when my husband gave me a set for Christmas. They make the most remarkable high pitched sound when you cut with them just like Grama's did.

Dovo is a German company started over 100 years ago making razors and are still making precision products.

For beauty, it has to be Sajou. Mom gave me this beautiful pair of the faux Ivory handled ones ~ they are like holding a delicate treasure in your hands. Sajou scissors are made in France.
Maison Sajou was a vintage French haberdashery company from the 1800’s. In 2005, Frederique Crestin-Billet revived the company.

When I started my crazy quilting adventure 15 years ago ~ my teacher suggested Gingher scissors, John James needles and glass head pins.

Every birthday and holiday I would ask for a different kind of Gingher scissors so each pair I own was a gift from my kids or husband making them extra special.

Gingher’s were made in Italy and Germany then and with 15 yrs of constant use; they have never needed to be sharpened. I have heard folks complain about the ones available now.

Gingher does have great customer service, for $8.00 a pair including shipping, they will sharpen and repair your Gingher scissors and send them back to you in tip top shape!

Here are some tips to keep in mind so your scissors will be in tiptop shape.

1. Apply a dot of oil to the assembly and blade area occasionally.

2. Keep your blades free of lint

3. Store the blades in a case or sheath when not in use

This list might help you choose the right pair for your needs

1. Hardanger/Embroidery scissors ~ small and sharp for fine threads, these include the stork scissors we all love

2. Serrated scissors ~ helpful in griping slippery or silky fabrics as well as cutting through layers of cotton fabric

3. Metallic scissors ~ metallic thread will dull the blades of your embroidery scissors so it is always wise to invest in a dedicated pair if you use metallic threads

4. Gingher 5 Inch Craft Scissors ~ although these are great for fabric, I use these for paper in my studio

5. Appliqué Scissors ~ the larger side of these scissors pushes away the bottom layer of fabric creating tight cuts along the edges of appliqué work

7. Double Curved Embroidery Scissors ~ a must have for machine embroidery coupled with a good long pair of tweezers

8. Thread Nippers ~ these are especially good for thicker thread or yarns but work beautifully for fine threads as well

9. Button Hole Scissors ~ such an interesting pair of scissors; they have an adjustable hole in the top center of the blades to control the size of the hole

The Winter 2013 issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings has instructions to make a Fancy Tool Keeper to store your scissors.

That familiar pair of scissors is as delightful as a best friend to anyone that plays with needles and threads and we all have our favorites.....tell me what are yours?

......a perfect mess of thread, silk ribbon and projects to finish

Close up of the Bible Cover I felted for my granddaughter's christening.

 Juliana already knows it makes her Nanni very happy to see her enjoying the Word of God!
Have a beautiful day friends ~ I'm off to the garden!

Here are links to the scissor company's I mentioned in this post ~

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